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Created : 13 April 2017
Edited : 31 December 1969

#312 - News Jump

; News Jump

#312 - Friday 14th April, 2017

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Every Friday, FFS am I still playing Zelda?!


Lots of silence at Socoder again, this week.
I think everyone~1s hard at those job-things that they all have.

But it~1s Easter Weekend, so hopefully some interesting things might actually happen, in time to fill next week~1s newsletter with oodles of loveliness.

Easter is a traditional festival about remembering to eat chocolate.
It~1s a time to think about the horiffic events when a giant monster bit a bunny~1s ears off, after the bunny hid all the monster~1s food on him.
A gentle reminder not to hide other people~1s food, and not to eat each other~1s chocolate.

I hope you all have a wonderful easter, and remember to keep a moist towelette at hand, to wipe the melted blobs from your fingers.
Nobody likes brown stains.


Fun Fact!
The Arrogant Worms have a new album out!! (Last November, only just found out!!)
Search for "First Farewell Album" on your favourite music store.

; Explorer

Pakz decides to take Microsoft on at their own game, and makes his own Explorer.
Roam around the dungeons, searching for files.
Beware the lair of the Paperclip!!
note : description may be inaccurate

; Spinal Blocked

Spinal starts a teeny tiny block puzzler for Arduino, and all appears to be going well.
..until it isn~1t.

; Woot

PuyoPuyo Tetris on the Switch has just had its demo launched on the eShop.
I didn~1t expect to play much of a demo, but it included a basic Multiplayer mode, and me and Mum got stuck playing over an hour of the thing!
Highly recommended, and certainly makes me glad I~1ve got it on Pre-Order.
... Although, given how much fun the demo is.. Was it worth buying the full thing?!
Apparently JackBox GamePack 3 is available, too.
I might give that a whirl later, bank account dependent!!

; Time Suckers

What games have you played, and played, and played, and played, and played?!
Coders discuss times they were unable to code.

; Time Suckers 2

Jay is still super-hooked on playing that bloody Zelda game.
He really should stop playing it..


; Mama Mia

Mario and the gang meet up, for racing and shit, in MarioKart 8

View on YouTube

; Big Spotting

A whole bunch of Purple Cat Cameos in Sonic Adventure 2!

; Intro

Original test footage for Doctor Who~1s original opening credits.

; Musical Interlude


; Molly Doodles

People suggest things Molly should doodle, and Molly doodles them.
Note : Molly is blind!

; Don~1t Copy That Movie

WatchMojo lists the worst animated rip-offs!

; Musical Interlude

Red Hot Chili Peppers.. I bet they~1d make a nice lengthy cold elixir.

; 8-Bit Guy and the Brain!

A curious video about AI

; More Brain Stuff

From what I can tell, this guy wants me to eat more cake..

; Half Hour Live Performance

CBC (the Canadian broadcaster) regularly put up half hour live performances.
Sometimes they get region locked, so apologies if this link doesn~1t work when/where you click it!
This is the group Mother Mother, and although it~1s not my regular type of music, I~1ve had it on in the background whilst putting together this week~1s AGameAWeek, and it~1s not been too bad!!
80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube
VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon

Fun Fact!
I started this tune in 2004!!

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