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Newsletter #312 : Jayenkai
News Jump

; News Jump

#312 - Friday 14th April, 2017

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Every Friday, FFS am I still playing Zelda?!


Lots of silence at Socoder again, this week.
I think everyone's hard at those job-things that they all have.

But it's Easter Weekend, so hopefully some interesting things might actually happen, in time to fill next week's newsletter with oodles of loveliness.

Easter is a traditional festival about remembering to eat chocolate.
It's a time to think about the horiffic events when a giant monster bit a bunny's ears off, after the bunny hid all the monster's food on him.
A gentle reminder not to hide other people's food, and not to eat each other's chocolate.

I hope you all have a wonderful easter, and remember to keep a moist towelette at hand, to wipe the melted blobs from your fingers.
Nobody likes brown stains.


Fun Fact!
The Arrogant Worms have a new album out!! (Last November, only just found out!!)
Search for "First Farewell Album" on your favourite music store.

; Explorer

Pakz decides to take Microsoft on at their own game, and makes his own Explorer.
Roam around the dungeons, searching for files.
Beware the lair of the Paperclip!!

note : description may be inaccurate

; Spinal Blocked

Spinal starts a teeny tiny block puzzler for Arduino, and all appears to be going well.
..until it isn't.


; Woot

PuyoPuyo Tetris on the Switch has just had its demo launched on the eShop.
I didn't expect to play much of a demo, but it included a basic Multiplayer mode, and me and Mum got stuck playing over an hour of the thing!
Highly recommended, and certainly makes me glad I've got it on Pre-Order.
... Although, given how much fun the demo is.. Was it worth buying the full thing?!
Apparently JackBox GamePack 3 is available, too.
I might give that a whirl later, bank account dependent!!

; Time Suckers

What games have you played, and played, and played, and played, and played?!
Coders discuss times they were unable to code.

; Time Suckers 2

Jay is still super-hooked on playing that bloody Zelda game.
He really should stop playing it..



; Mama Mia

Mario and the gang meet up, for racing and shit, in MarioKart 8

View on YouTube

; Big Spotting

A whole bunch of Purple Cat Cameos in Sonic Adventure 2!

; Intro

Original test footage for Doctor Who's original opening credits.

; Musical Interlude

; Molly Doodles

People suggest things Molly should doodle, and Molly doodles them.
Note : Molly is blind!

; Don't Copy That Movie

WatchMojo lists the worst animated rip-offs!

; Musical Interlude

Red Hot Chili Peppers.. I bet they'd make a nice lengthy cold elixir.

; 8-Bit Guy and the Brain!

A curious video about AI

; More Brain Stuff

From what I can tell, this guy wants me to eat more cake..

; Half Hour Live Performance

CBC (the Canadian broadcaster) regularly put up half hour live performances.
Sometimes they get region locked, so apologies if this link doesn't work when/where you click it!
This is the group Mother Mother, and although it's not my regular type of music, I've had it on in the background whilst putting together this week's AGameAWeek, and it's not been too bad!!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube
VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon

Fun Fact!
I started this tune in 2004!!

Load, Next List!

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