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Created : 16 June 2017
Edited : 16 June 2017

#320 - BlitzBasic Closure

; BlitzBasic Closure

#320 - Friday 09th June, 2017

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Oh god it's happening again!!!

SyntaxBomb's back.
It's only a matter of time before DevCrunch reemerges, and then we have a recurrence of the great "too many competing forums" wars of 2007, which previously splintered our community into hundreds of tiny shards, scattered throughout the worldwide web.

I'm staying out of it, this time.
If there's a war, I'm not being part of it.

SoCoder is up and running for anyone who needs it.
I did my duties a decade ago, and am still holding it up. (Kinda!)

If folk want stability, SoCoder is more or less here.
If not, then hold on to your hats, and enjoy the ride!!

; Available Languages

I've made a single "lots of links" post in the Link archive. It seems to work reasonably well.
I'd like to make this post into a more permanent page, with as many (useful!) languages as possible, and perhaps have similar pages for art/sound tools and things.

; RPG Incoming

Pakz is finallly starting to put all those world generators together, to produce an RPG game of sorts.

Mark has officially decided that it's time to move on and focus on Monkey2.
He'd previously ensured that Blitz 3D, Max and Monkey-X are all open sourced so *should* be available from various sources.
Now he's closing everything up.
BlitzBasic.com and the Monkey-X forums will soon (the end of the month, apparently) be coming to a close.

All data has seemingly been backed up by "Skid", who will hopefully be using it to create some kind of archive.

For now, it's an ending.
Monkey2 is still being worked on, and will be the only modern Sibly-language, going ahead.

It's time to move on, folks.
We can't live in the past any longer.



; RIP - Peter Sallis

Best known as one of the bathtub men, Peter later went on to star in a series of cheese and cracker based TV movies.
Farewell, Wallace.

; RIP - Andy Cunningham

You might not know him by name, but click into the thread and the theme tune won't be leaving your head for the rest of the day!

; Dragging out the OUYA

Spinal's thinking about plugging in his OUYA, but what can be done with the oldfangled technology?
Knowing Spinal, practically anything is possible!!

; PimpMySite

SoCoder2's template site is now available if you'd like to try your hand at skinning the thing.
It's nowhere near as unwieldily as the last one!!
..I think..
Help design a site that doesn't look like... a bit old fashioned

; The Price of Steam

$100 to get a single game onto Steam.

; Zippity Doo Dah!

LGR tries out a ZIP disk!

View on YouTube

; The Behind-The-Scenes Story of VHS

The challenge of putting moving pictures onto a small tape.

; ProtoJaneway

Original footage of Star Trek Voyager.. With a different Janeway!

; Musical Interlude

A crackin' rendition of Tokyo Girl
(For comparison)

; Licenses Cost!

Jangbricks takes a look at the insane cost difference between regular Lego sets and Licenced ones.
2000s? Cover Corner

View on YouTube


And coming soon to one of those shitty depressing Xmas Adverts..
VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


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