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Created : 17 August 2017
Edited : 17 August 2017

#330 - Lullaby News

Weekly Newsletter

; Lullaby News

#330 - Friday 18th Aug, 2017

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Every Friday, Finding Errors


Geeze, what a week!!
Between last week's Newsletter and this, I've moved the whole site over to a new UK based server, hosted by 'The company that Waroffice works for', Zen Internet.
The site's script is now running almost three times as fast as it used to, except for the odd quirk. I need to look into email stuff, for starters.
But otherwise all seems fine..

... Until the day when Zen Internet took the whole site down because of one tiny unused script, lurking in the dark dank depths of old abandoned code!!
Zen picked it up as a possible hack, and immediately closed the whole site down as a precaution.
It took mere minutes to fix, but about ten minutes on the phone trying to explain that 'I do know what I'm doing, I just didn't think there'd be any issues with the scripts'.

Basically, after the very same script having been on the old GoDaddy server for almost an entire decade, it didn't occur to me that it might've been hacked at some point.
But it had.
And the script had sat there, waiting for someone to trigger it.
(The site was hacked, long long ago, back when I tried the Twitter integration. This is why there's no Twitter integration!!)

Fortunately, it was an abandoned script, so the thing never got triggered, but at no point did GoDaddy ever go 'Hey, hang on a minute...'
Not when the site was on shared hosting.
Not when the site was moved to dedicated hosting.
Not over the years (YEARS!) that the script was being hosted by them.

No.. It was Zen that spotted it, almost a decade later, within literally days of the site being uploaded.
They spotted it, they helped fix it, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

.. Probably could've done without the entire site being shut down as a result, mind!

There's been further teething bugs over the course of the week, but nothing as bad as that.
Everything seems to be flowing fairly well, and with any luck, we'll be on this new server for some time to come.

Thanks, Waroffice!!


.. Does that mean SoCoder's in the DogHouse, now!?!


; Shady Business

Afr0 struggles with odd behaviour when rotating 3D stuff, especially when Shaders are involved.
Brings back horrific memories of the time that I tried to do things in 3D.
It really didn't turn out well!!

; js13k2017

RSKGames is taking part in this year's js13k contest, where the challenge is to create a Javascript based game that fits within 13Kb.
Quite a challenge!
Good luck, RSK!


; DuckTales!

Ducktales is 'kinda' almost back.
A one hour pilot episode aired in the US, this week, and the series proper kicks off in September.
...but is it any good?

; Mania!!

Sonic Mania is out!! (Althought the PC version is delayed due to a bug or something.)
I've already died far more times than I should've.
Need more practice, I reckon.


; Udoo

An interesting 'all on one little board' computer, but may possibly be too powerful for its own good!
Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems odd to try to sell it as a board-computer, rather than packaging it as an actual small commputer.

; Nodding Off

GfK isn't listening to the most suitable bedtime music.
.. Anyway, Grandads are supposed to listen to Perry Como!


; Exent?

TheRevillsGames is having issues with his publisher.
Bloody publishers. Grrrr!

; For The Love of Haribo

GfK gets screwed over by an eBay customer.


; Rap & Knuckles

View on YouTube

; Demo

A lovely little demo!

; Musical Interlude

A Goose House cover of a JPop song you probably don't know!

; Who IS The G-Man?

GameTheory investigates

; Who's Your Momma!?

Simon investigates

; Fmaa

Sing along!

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

Bonus Link

; Galaxy

A classic Sci-Fi magazine which ran between the 50s and 80s.

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