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Created : 24 August 2017

#331 - Africa News

Weekly Newsletter

; Africa News

#331 - Friday 25th Aug, 2017

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Every Friday, Watching Stats that don't ever move.


; Hello World

Been an odd week.
Although I was fairly sure I could add regular iOS releases to my AGameAWeek schedule, the complexities of doing PR and other such gubbins has led to me having to have a rethink about the whole thing.
Couple that with the minimalistic sales, and I'm now finding myself wondering if it's all worth it.

Of course, all it takes is one magic game to somehow break through, but is it worth all the bloody hassle of doing PR and making spreadsheets full of people you should be spamming, requesting a batch of promo codes, writing subtly different PR bollocks for everyone to suit their sites, and not forgetting to include the promo codes before sending the mountains of spammy crap..?
It certainly starts to feel like 'work', and not at all the joyous regular world of AGameAWeek.

And don't get me started on making GameCenter leaderboards.. grrr!!!

Apple - Sucking all the fun out of GameDev since 1976



; Regrets : Have You Had a Few?

Waroffice wants to know if you've regretted any of your coding decisions through the years?

; Dodge

Curtastic posted a fun little box-dodger game.
Nice and easy.
Dodge the boxes!!

He also posted a text based 'ish' fighting RPG thing, but that wasn't my sort of thing.
I've never been a fan of rpg'y things.
Be sure to check it out if you do like those, though.

; Blitz vs DirectPlay

Newcomer Skullbox brings us a tip to disable the age-old DirectPlay features from B3D's output.
I've not spotted any issues with that, myself, but then I always have B3D installed, and perhaps that installed DirectPlay as it goes.
I wonder how many of my games are broken!?


; Dropleaf.io

The basic gist is this.
Devs upload their games.
Players pay a monthly subscription to Dropleaf.
Dropleaf analyses game playing and pays developers like a royalty.
I can't see ANY possible issue with this arrangement.
I'm sure the royalties will be perfectly reasonable, and that Dropleaf won't end up pocketing the cash, paying you sod all, and stealing the rights to your games that you signed over to them.
Nothing could possibly go wrong!!

; Royalties....?

Meanwhile, TheRevillsGames is still having to fight with his publisher.
They've finally paid him something, but what about those royalties?!


; Family Woes

GfK is struggling with family issues, most notably that some sections of his family have lost touch.
We all have 'arms' of the family that seem to lose contact.
Much like GfK, I'm finding that Facebook is the only way that some of them bother to communicate.
Technology... It'll be the end of us all!!

Your task for the week ahead : Visit a family member you haven't seen in a while.
... I'm obviously excused from this task!


; Lightmaps

Newcomer JM2Bits shows off an interesting engine that generates light maps for 3D models, and I presume lights up room textures, too?

; 3D vs 2D co-odds

Newcomer Caton needs help tracking mouse positions against 3D worlds.
I'm staying out of this one!
Last time I tackled such a thing, I ended up having to lock the screen's resolution, ratio and camera position, before doing a fuckton of maths to work it out!!!
That wasn't a happy time!


; Who Ya Gonna Call?

Iain Lee rings up a Quiz TV Channel

View on YouTube

; What the Q?

Yahtzee judges the boxart of Sonic Mania

; Go Get 'Em!

Brent and the Corner Gas crew head to do some retakes and pickups for the Animated Series!
Thanks to @8bitadc

; Flying Past The Eclipse

The ISS sails on by!

; Jingle

What goes into a jingle?

; The Simpsons vs The Simpsons

Which is Better?

; The Retrobrighter!

8-Bit Guy investigates a number of different ways to brighten your old computer.

; Rubber Duckie


; Meanwhile...

Good to know Waroffice is protecting our server, over in the ZEN Internet offices..

80s Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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