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Latest Blog Entries


Problems with SDL

24th November 2010

Warning: rant


WIP: Hero Extant

20th May 2010

So here's what I've spent the last few days on...

Generates a random fractal landscape, simulates temperature bands, wind & rain, then rain water flow leading to lake<snip>



10th January 2009

Off topic post ahead!


WIP Platformer

21st December 2008

Replaying Commander Keen again, I decided I just had to start working on a platformer game myself.

Course, I've made several attempts before, but I can never be bothered to draw & animate the player and all the bad guys!

So I decided to get the c<snip>


Fun w/Google Maps

10th July 2008

Grabbed two screenshots off Google maps, stitched them together in Gimp, went to Filters > Map > Make Seamless, and this is the result:

A nice tileable landscape, perfect for a shmup!



The GUI... attempt n+1

29th May 2008

I never got too far with my last attempt(s!). All that scripting and window-managing and junk got too bloated and complicated - and I didn't have anything usable other than buttons and tickboxes!

So I started again.

Nine days later, I really am almo<snip>

Latest Showcases


SVG Tech Demo 2

4th September 2010

While only an early release, full source code is provided including the XML Parser for loading SVG files.


Poxml - Plain Old XML parser

24th July 2010

Poxml is an open source library that can parse "plain old XML" for the Cobra Programming Language.


Lexini - ini file parser

30th June 2010

Lexini is an open source library that can parse .ini files for the Cobra Programming Language.


Virtual Machine + Assembler

29th June 2010

An open source Virtual Machine and Assembler for the Cobra programming language.


Hero Extant: World Generator

30th May 2010

A random world generator, part of a larger project. Now open source!!!


SVG Tech Demo 1

8th March 2010

Quick tech demo showing an SVG image of a star with a gradient being deformed. The star has 80 points for a detailed deformation.