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Socoder -> Blitz -> Testers wanted! - Tile Up

Posted : Monday, 25 September 2006, 04:34
Hey guys I could do with some beta testers for a tile editor i\'m making. I stuck it in a showcase here. I have tried to make it as easy as possible to configure tilesets to use.

If anyone has any tilesets they have made you just need to drop it in the 'Tiles' folder ( + placeables go in the 'Placeables' folder). Hopefully you should find it easy to import your tilesets.

Anyway it has some cool other features such as auto generated minimaps, various draw tools, and a random terrain generator.

If you find any bugs or the program crashes let us know. Also any feedback of suggestions would be nice, cheers

|edit| Topic title slightly altered, to accomodate a future feature. |edit|

Posted : Monday, 25 September 2006, 04:52
Once inside the Random Terrain Generator, I couldn't seem to find my way back out again..! I eventually tried the Escape key, which quit the program on me.

Also, the buttons on the left of the main editor don't have names, so I'm not too sure what they all do. Perhaps add a status bar, which changes when hovering over a button.

Otherwise, I haven't spotted any major issues so far, aside from the main GUI being a little too dark..

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Posted : Monday, 25 September 2006, 06:00
Oh yeah the bottom button that hasent got a name on it goes back to the main editor. Erm yeah, i'll put a name on it saying what it does.

There are still a few things unfinished in the terrain generator, and I'm probabluy going to leave that to last. The sidebar is the only other unfinished part of the prog. For the moment though you can do every thing on there with the keys they are:

hold D and click to delete tile
hold f and click to floodfill
hold r and mouse to draw rectangle
+ moves up level
- moves down level
T switches to tile draw mode
P switches to placeable draw mode