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Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 14:02
Graphics GCSE was fun, did it a year early, but A level wasn't gonna happen without a teacher... So, I'm gonna fast track GCSE Information & Computing Technology now, even if I have to all of last year's course at home by friday.

It's a bit of a noddy course, but it turns out that we don't have to use Microsoft brands. Open office and other free alternatives are actually permitted. Coolio - Linux time!

So, I'm going to have some fun. I just did the website that everyone else did with Frontpage (Hahahahaha!!! ) with Screem HTML/XML editor (Not a WYSIWYG), and guess what? We have to include a <marquee> to get some of the marks! So, what did I do? I used javascript instead. Like hell they're putting a non-existant HTML tag on the syllabus!

Instead of Powerpoint, I'll be using either OpenOffice.org Presentation or maybe even programming my own.

And when it comes to the paragraph about how we were accurate and most of the class who can't locate the right mouse button will write "Duh, I used ah spel cheker and gott ite prof-red", I'll be happily ranting about the w3c's html and css validator.

And the head IT guy has head hunted me to be part of the web team. Looks like it's people who know what they're doing this time though - they actually know PHP and MySQL! Last time the school site was done, it had about 10 frames per page and each frame's contents were upwards of a megabyte of bloated code. They got rid of it pretty quick and replaced it with the old one

So, why the long post?

Nothing, I'm just waiting for my stuff to print.



Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 14:29
We have to include a <marquee> to get some of the marks! So, what did I do? I used javascript instead. Like hell they're putting a non-existant HTML tag on the syllabus!

Tell me about it! This is why I fail at criteria marked assignments.
From experience, it really wasn't worth putting the effort into going beyond what was expected. You don't get extra marks/credit and there's a possibility you may actually lose some! In your case, that means put a marquee in there! (I am being serious btw)

Sorry for being so negative but my advice is follow the marking criteria to the letter. (This is also true when you enter college. Sad but true.)

Anyway good luck with that and the website stuff

BlitzRSS script back online!
Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 14:38

Yes, I suppose I should listen to you... It's good advice, but I'm the sort of person who digs their own grave.

Even so, if I hadn't ranted half a page about the marquee in the work, no-body would be able to tell a difference.

Anywayn, I'm hoping this IT guy is better than the others. He can actually program, and has heard of non-microsoft applications.


Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 15:01
A-Level Computing, made a huge JNKPlat game, with loads of extras, got sod all marks..


Should've done a Car Rental database..

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 15:35
i gotta learn this stuff, i am going to be taking post secondary option. i get to take college classes 2 years early and i will be taking every single coding and computer class i can

i like green haired girls...
Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 15:49

Haha me too! (digging own grave and whatnot )

But just to make myself clear, be "square" and "limited" only for the assignments! Anything else, you can be yourself
Wow an IT guy whose heard of non-microsoft apps lol I wish I had those


Man, I wish I did a game >_< I actually had to do a book rental db project for my ALevel ICT...

BlitzRSS script back online!
Posted : Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 16:38
Lol, <marquee> is the largest embodiment of cheese i've ever seen in a tag. I dont' know how this equates with the UK education system, but I'm in a AP computer science AB, where they decided it would be a good idea to teach us java... I was making multi-threaded network applications and things in that class while the rest of them were on arrays . Its pretty cool though because i've gotten in the habit of finishing my programs real quick in the beggining of class and then just leaving. My teacher's cool with it as long as your done; so i just kinda walk out while the rest of the class is staring at their screens and scratching their heads.

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