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Posted : Monday, 16 October 2006, 02:50
Whenever you log into Meebo.com, you get a little window on the left, with a blog entry in it.

Today's is posted by elaine, who lists a few of her favourite sites, and two of her favourite games.

Sudoku Combat and Platypus. It gets everywhere!

She writes..
"Who can resist claymation? This is a fun and straight-forward spaceship shooter game. I got hooked and exhausted my free trial version quickly pretty quickly."

Platypus was of course written in Blitz by Anthony Flack, quite a while ago, and tends to keep popping up every few weeks. .. It is a great game.
Platypus homepage
Just a shame they don't give the guy any sodding credits on the site anywhere...

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Posted : Monday, 16 October 2006, 14:57
that is a pretty good game i must say. iv seen it on the bb site but i havnt ever played it until now.

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Posted : Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 15:53
you know how this got ported to the PSP? well, i just say a review for it on G4TV! it got a 2, out of 5. didnt do so well, but, at least it didnt get a 1!

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Posted : Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 17:35
It's the funnest game I've played in the last year, full stop.

Back in the days of BC, I really respected Anthony, and the saga of his game and what has happened to him legally just makes me respect him more.
Posted : Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 18:41
power mousey

? shrugs ?...

Anthony,Platypus, legal happenings?

enters mousey hole
squeaky cheers.
Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 02:45
I think the main reason it's getting such low scores is because it's being marketed as a "Big New PSP Game", and not what it is "A really fantastic, well made Homebrew game"
If it said on the box/game/anything "Platypus : A game by Anthony Flack", and was marketed as such, then perhaps the scores would have been greatly different.
I wonder how many of the reviewers know it's basically a one-man game?

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Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 04:51
G4TV game Platypus a very harsh review, even making fun of its claymation graphics. They really tore it to shreds. I really liked it though.

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Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 07:48
Aah... but will Platypus still work on that turd that MicroSoft calls Vista ?.
Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 07:55
power mousey



Microsoft Turds would be an improvement over Vista.
And your choice of color too.
And remember to install the hemorroids patch too.

sorry for gross outs
but cheers

power mousey
Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 14:55
i dont think anyone other than us blitzers know that its an independent game, sad really.

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Posted : Thursday, 08 February 2007, 18:36

|edit| Actually, I think Vista is more like diarrhea than a turd. |edit|

|edit| A turd is more solid. |edit|
Posted : Friday, 09 February 2007, 02:58
power mousey

ahhhhhhhh, true

I think Windows XP will be my last OS.
Micro$oft is really trying to shove this beta
down everyones throat.
When my brother and I went to the show last week, we saw some comming movie attractions and there were 3 Vista commercials. Little short clips. Booo!....hiss,boooo!!
One was a public service message about how parents shouldn't let their kids do drugs and by showing kids in an analogy doing and having leeches suck their body parts.
Well, I'd rather have leeches suck my blood and guts rather than use Windows Vista. Thats for sure.

I'd rather date a Platypus too.