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View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
ahhh I didn't mean the sidebars, I meant the current image zoom on the old/existing site. Sorry if I was confusing!

View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
Omg same thing happened to mine today! Last night it took about ten minutes just to load the desktop so I thought something was odd. Today it's reading at 20kb/sec with lots of errors. Yay for backups!

View Topic : god damn c variables!
Oh! I also remembered, sometimes this error means that the file you included *previously* to n64.h may be missing a semi-colon at the end.

View Topic : god damn c variables!
What's PROGMEM defined to?

Without it being defined to anything, the C compiler would be seeing this and getting confused:

static const char myVariableOne myVariableTwo[73]=

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Jayenkai
Happy birthday!

A birthday so important the SoCoder Happy Birthday shoutbox bot posted it twice!

View Topic : SSL Options
Yes god don't buy SSL through GoDaddy, its 10x the price.

Namecheap are good - about £7-9/year depending on exchange rate, they make it pretty easy to do and have really good tech support. Renew once a year.

edit: It looks like rychan's suggestion is owned by the same company as namecheap so go with either!

View Topic : Happy Birthday, HoboBen
Thanks I think it was close. I don't always tick the boxes neatly. It was hella stressful. Afterwards they did say they understood how obstructive the DWP had been and how many mistakes they had made.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, HoboBen
I won my PIP appeal on my birthday Rather not have been in a court room today but haha

View Topic : Don't Look!
Mostly because of the code to support Flickr. But impressed how you're still supporting AJAX on IE5, respeckt!

View Topic : Don't Look!
visits, goes View Source. lol'd

View Topic : Twittercrap
same but for facebook

View Topic : Accounting for Taste
btw can we all take a sec to appreciate Jay's masterful topic title

View Topic : Accounting for Taste
@rockford - its company accounts rather than personal finance - I wouldn't bother with just that! xD

I used to use a spreadsheet which was okay for my needs, but I wasn't doing all the proper double-entry accounting stuff with it that the taxman wants to see.

And I was doing weird things in my spreadsheet, like columns that were 1 or 0 to decide if the expense was allowable to offset tax, which bank account it came from, etc. It worked but it was a pain!

What I like about ledger as well, is when I get a bank statement which says the balance at the end of the month, I can add the date and balance as an assertion in the text file. This tells me straight away if I've made a mistake and where it is, especially if I'm doing a few months worth of accounts in one go.

There's probably something you can do on a spreadsheet that will give you a running total balance for a specific day, but I don't know how to do it and then I'd still have to compare it manually to the statements.

It might be overkill for simple bookkeeping, but I'm not doing enough business that I could afford an accountant so I have to wear that hat too

Also my spreadsheet program keeps resetting my font (nooooo not Times New Roman, go awayyyy!) and I should really learn how to use it properly but I almost never use office software so can't be bothered to learn. My own damn fault haha

View Topic : Accounting for Taste
Tried a ton of accounting programs (proper accounts due soon!), hated all of them until I found this lovely command line tool called Ledger Linkage

View Topic : Example Based Tilemaps
I could imagine you using it for Platdude levels! You've got that strong recognisable tileset sorted as it is

View Topic : Example Based Tilemaps
Ooooooh Linkage

View Topic : Windows' Many Quirks
Actually impressed with the last Windows 10 update. Its been bugging me since Windows XP that if you extract a zip to a folder, the folder gets added at the bottom of the window and doesn't appear in alphabetical order with the other folders until you refresh. They finally fixed that!

View Topic : CleverSpender
That'd work!

But for such a simple page, its a shame that having the server in London means almost-instant loading for UK users (less than 0.15 seconds) and a relatively slow connection for Americans (0.80 seconds).

That's the damn speed of light for you. *shakes fist*.

View Topic : CleverSpender
I did a version too!

(still hosted in London, mind, so might be a bit slow!)

That logo though haha its cute but its terrible

View Topic : Replacing The Polls?
I really like that idea Jay! and of the idea of a front page mini game thing in general

You dont even need to vote, just show yesterdays doodles as they are for the fun of it

View Topic : CleverSpender
I made a thing! Linkage (haven't made it look nice yet but it seems to work pretty well!)

View Topic : Google JavaScript Compiler
Yeah aha the output is unreadable, but I use it just to combine multiple files into one and strip out my hundreds of lines of comments

View Topic : Google JavaScript Compiler
The Yahoo one is shit so Google made a thing for compressing javascript that isn't bad Linkage

View Topic : Old Things are Old
Hey Jay, I wanted to delete a SoCoder Code Snippet that was like 10 years old(!) and the link it used is dead, but there's no delete button? Or can I just not see it?

View Topic : 50 Games in 2014
A challenger appears Jay Linkage

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