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Invasion V ... Prototype


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View Topic : RIP : Jay's Dad
Bugger. Condolences that you lost your dad a couple of decades ago. That's sad. All he's done now is died.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Jayenkai
Happy Birthday. Bring on 38.

View Topic : The Trouble With Pebble
That's a shame. I really like my Pebble.

View Topic : Gremlin in the Works
Listed as a contributor is Mr Kirk. Nice one.

View Topic : Newsletter improvements..?
Seems I'm in the minority in reading the newsletters every week, and looking forward to them. I suppose, though, I'm not very active on the website, so the newsletter's very handy for me (in truth, with all the websites I visit regularly, Socoder sometimes gets forgotten, and the newsletter reminds me. Like... now!)

I guess the first question one needs to answer before one can decide on newsletter content is: Who is the newsletter for? Once you work that out, you can maybe start to sort what you want to provide them. :o)

View Topic : Yet another electric car !
I've seen more stylish vehicles come out of Scrapheap Challenge.

View Topic : Hard Drive Ghosting - What's the best?
I've used G4L (used to be called Ghost For Linux but changed for obvious reasons) many times to duplicate a number of Windows machines for work. If you want another (free, open source) option, there it is.

View Topic : Definition of Pixel Art
I mean, you don't call Sonic, Mario et all Pixel Art, do you?!

Yeah, I'd call that pixel art, myself.

Depends on how carried away you wanna get with your definition of 'art' though, really. Some people believe that art is something that's done only for the sake of itself. If 'art' is done as part of something else (a car, juice dispenser, electric ear cleaner, game sprite) then it's not 'art' per se.

I personally don't subscribe to this view, but it explains Jay's argument if it turns out he does.

My belief is that the term 'pixel art' is specifically meant to differentiate things from the sort of Photoshop-esque filter-driven automatic-gradient stuff that is otherwise commonplace. 'Pixel art' is the retrotastic chunky-arse steaming wad of love dished out to people who are nutbags enough to do it all by hand.

View Topic : Syntax Bomb dead, Sat 24th July 2009!
Well let's all hope that whatever else happens, people don't bring their dirty laundry here from anywhere else.

That would be unfortunate, and surely unwelcome.

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