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View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!
Garageband has a collection of pretty good instruments. It came pre installed here. I have been opening it rather frequently.

I noticed Al's latest track had a whole piano part.


I have been studying older amiga songs. Listening to what kind of instruments are used in it. The im1 and wavestation instruments were pretty populair back then.

View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!

I have a Samson keyboard but still need to get a connection kit. those things cost almost the same as a keyboard.

I wil maybe buy the korg module and triton expansion today. Not to impressed by it with the reviews but hey its korg!

View Topic : Pakz iPad
I checked a number of the demo songs and with those I could not find any songs where the velocity did not work. But I was not able to find demo songs using other then the retro chip gadget and non payed ones.

I do think now that the gadget world is not that big at all and that problems therefore seem to be able to excist. Not that many people reporting problems so they can fix it.

Btw, you wrote you were using flstudio for midi music creation? Can you make and export midi files with that using the standard midi instruments library? I might need flstudio then.

View Topic : Pakz iPad
Yeah I already knew how to flip that screen The problem was/is with certain gadgets the velocity(volume) does not work if you modify the sliders.

Does the velocity with notes on lexington work with you? How do you set the individual volume per note?

View Topic : Pakz iPad
I went and bought the lexington gadget. I really like the sound it makes. Now to learn how to select the right instruments and setting for that proffesional sound.

I submitted a bug report for the non responsive gadgetcloud. Maybe they wil do something with it. The manuals do not load either and Gadget crashed once when returning from gadgetcloud.

I could not get the velocity working for individual notes on lexington and could not find anything in the manual or google. I posted a question on the support forum. There really is not much posts there at all.
I did figure out how to change the volume for each note later. This involves setting the mixer parameters.

I am working on old and new songs now.

View Topic : REM Document 6
Their rocket blew up when they launched it(again)

View Topic : Pakz iPad
I checked SpiteSomething and it later did add the settings to the files. Luckely I did not edit each file before that since that ones got doubled.

With Gadget there is a problem. The GadgetCloud is not working. It does work on the old ipad.
I do not know if it can upload yet. I have not tested this yet but nothing can play from there and keeps loading forever.
Also, all the songs I made before are now listed twice in the load box.

There have been more problems with the internet connection. I had to disable/enable the wifi a couple of times.

On further gadget note. That gadget odyssei is still on sale until the 20th. So I might get that one soon, maybe in a few hours.

The tablet cover is big dissapointement. I tried to put the loader in and the cover blocks the plug. I checked google and I saw one post about the Air 1 having a problem with that one also. The cover was advertised to work with the ipad 2017. I am thinking of cutting a little bit of the rubber out of the cover to make it fit now.

View Topic : Pakz iPad
I am typing this from the new ipad. It is a lot bigger. I also got a tablet case which also can be used to put the ipad up straight on the table. When you open the cover the ipad is activated straight away.

Installation went allright. All apps and data was synced from the cloud. I do have to retype the passwords a number of times. It did take a number of minutes before all apps were downloaded but this all went automatically.

One thing with sprite something. It had all the data from the other ipad but you need to reconfigure each sprite set. The names and cell settings are lost. The original names are named as before in the list but you need to retype it. Not so nice!

I can switch tabs now and the ipad does not have to reload. The overal feel is that it is a lot faster.

Gadget works and can now play the bigger songs that can not play on the mini 1.

installing a new apple ipad is a lot faster and easier than with windows.

View Topic : Pakz iPad
Just ordered a new ipad. 128gb model. The 2017 model. Should be here tomorow. Should be a lot faster then the mini 1 model

View Topic : QOTD : Time Sucking Games
FPS - Quake got played a lot by me when I just had the internet. Was expensive with dialup then. Then after that it was Half-life Team fortress.

Strategy - Civilization 1 and 2 got a lot of hours.

RPG - Morrowind I think I must have played hundreds of hours over the years.

A while ago I discovered Left 4 dead. Very nice. I have not put many hours into it but keep coming back. Also last few weeks I keep opening up Titan Quest.

Also a few years ago I think I developed RSI. I need to give my mouse hand a rest every now and then.

View Topic : Completing Old Things
You having such productivity makes me want to get back into composing more often. Real inspiration that!

I am still hesitating ordering that new ipad. Not to sure if I should go with the 128 gb or the 32gb version. Would rock being able to have gadget have a lot of channels. The old ipad is crashing more often also!

View Topic : Completing Old Things
That last song Journal Mountain was really good!

View Topic : New Pound Coin
Saw it on the news here also. Turned out some dutch guy made about 30+ million fake ones so the needed to make new ones.

View Topic : A New Korg Gadget!
Yeah I noticed the gadget facebook group beeing very vocal yesterday. Thank god that the ipad 1 still can get the latest gadget update.

New drums!

Btw. They are charging 300 dollars for the imac version of gadget. Kind of trying to get rich quick the folks from korg.

Also a new sound upload feature.

The muppet like voice in the track is neat! Is that the official voice of blockman?

View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
My new laptop is not ready after 2 months. The icloud drive has been sitting in the 33% cpu use for that time. It uploads only a few hundred kilobytes per minute or so. I wonder what they were thinking while coming up with that aproach.
I kind of regret getting that space now.

View Topic : Spinal's Return to Android
I like milkytracker on the android. Midsequer is also a nice tool to play with. Both are music apps. Small footprints also.

View Topic : Is Monkey2 3D?
Maybe the 3d wil be introduced in a few months. I hope it wil not take to long.

I noticed a tweet from ms that he spend a whole day finding/fixing a lighted triangle bug.

View Topic : Pakz Taxes
Apearantly they passed the bill last year or the year before and did not mention the extra costs. No word then on how much you would have to pay extra. Apearantly they want to invest the money in green energy.

View Topic : Pakz Taxes
eek, just got this years energy bill. Costs are increased by 400 euro's a year by additional taxes on energy. New government rules. No compensation for lower incomes!(me)

View Topic : Switchmas
When I order something I only get a rough estimate when they are at the door. Can be between 9am and 2pm ect.

I watched some Zelda gameplay and was not that impressed with the puzzles and indoor maps. I only watched a few minutes though. But the reviews are so good so I wil watch some more gameplay later on.

It is being said it is somewhat like Skyrim!

I usually start walking to the door a lot when I am waiting for something to arive

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Pakz
Thx - My stephfather got one of those frozen cakes.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Jayenkai
Happy birthday..

View Topic : PIP Crap
In the netherlands (here) I am on something called WAO. Dissability basically. I have not had messages from them for 14 years or so.

I get my income from the UWV which handles it. I wonder when and if they will send another letter inviting me to see their doctors. My decease (schizophrenia) is pretty well known so I think they just know to leave it at that untill better treatments and medicine get discovered. ( or my fear that the people decide to blindly kick everybodies arse to work)

I can hear voices a lot. Sound turns into voices and if I think of something (a memory) I can basically can hear it as if it is being said to me. Stress makes it worse. Medicine keep it contained/less loud and real.
I have had bad times with it in my history. ( aliens and agencies , presidents ect. continiuosly talking to me ect)

I am happy that i can do my hobby and that the medicine have a good effect.

Now with the financial crisis ending maybe the people wil get less angry having people doing nothing and having to pay for them.

View Topic : raylib-pascal
I have the windows own virus thing.

View Topic : raylib-pascal
The compiling seemed not to go that fast the first time but the second time it was fast. The couple of seconds you need to watch the raylib logo screen before every compile and run is not that neat. Sort of puts me off. (maybe disable it when run from the editor?)

What I tried seemed to work without problems. If in the future it would compile to html5 then that would be neat!

Also, no tutorials/docs and few examples!~

Still impressive! I really liked Pascal when I used it years ago.

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