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View Topic : Repetitive Blogging
Daily blogging gives you time to retrospect on what you have done the previous day. It is very easy to get lost in time when you don't have some time to think back on what you have done.

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
I didn't know what Sokoban was. After reading about it, looks like it can be very hard to design/solve

Looking forward to the game.

View Topic : QOTD : Time Sucking Games
1997-2000 : Demo levels of Thief 2,Deus EX and Solider of Fortune, Monaco Grand Prix Simulation 2
2000-2010 : Metal Gear Solid, NOLF 1&2, Oni, Farcry, Star Trek:Voyager–Elite Force, Codename Eagle, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, 1nsane
2010-2014: Metal Gear Solid 4
2015 : Driver San Francisco
2016 : Stardew Valley
2017 : Spelunky, Mini Clampett

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Steve and Blanko
Steve Ancell Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Spinal
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

View Topic : Happy Birthday Evil Roy Ferguson
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

View Topic : Poll : Cooking
How is the daily poll created?

View Topic : Happy Birthday, TheRevillsGames
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

View Topic : Happy Boozing Day
What is the occasion for SoLucky theme change today?

View Topic : 5 Years On
Do you have a blog where you have given your thoughts on why 2015 larger/longer games failed. I was going through the 2015 start and end year blogs but could not find any.

2015 Year Start blogs
2015 End blogs

View Topic : 5 Years On
You have released 194 games after you have got out.

View Topic : More Games
Scoreboard has started working again in time for the next game.

View Topic : RIP : Jay's Dad
Very saddened to hear of your recent loss, please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.
Feb 2017 has been tough, my family lost a close relative, neighbor and a family friend.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Pakz
Hi Pakz Many happy returns of the day Happy Birthday

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Jayenkai
Wish you a many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday.

View Topic : SSL Options
After further reading I find that Dedicated IP is required and that costs a lot more than the SSL cost.

View Topic : SSL Options
I use firefox so don't see any "Not Secure" message as seen in Chrome. My Domain service provider has a SSL option that can be applied to domains and all sub domains.

View Topic : UWP Languages
gamemaker studio 2 has UWP export which is $399.99. For upgrade it is $239.99.

View Topic : Mini Clampett - HiScore testing
@rychan you seem to be 20 times better. I have now played an exact 1000 times and have not mastered the hard difficulty level.

View Topic : Valentines Day - 2017
It took sometime for me to figure out why star wars theme was not working today.

View Topic : Mini Clampett - HiScore testing
Mini clampett is more addictive than "Clusters_of_Hex" game. I have played it 509 times in the past 24 hours.

View Topic : Mini Clampett - HiScore testing
Tested online scoreboard feature using 3 different usernames. Offline scores are also getting entered to the online score when connected online. Not encountered any issues.

View Topic : How Are You?
There are so many decisions to be made like 2d/3d, PC/Mobile, Pixel Art/SVG.
I'll start somewhere and see where it takes me instead of trying to decide on the choices.

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
I started playing games only in PC around 1998 so I have never heard of or played any old console games.
Chopper drop game is one of the games provided in the AGK2 Games Pack DLC.
Some other games with city scapes I've seen recently are

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
I recently played Chopper drop where city sky scrappers play central role.

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