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Invasion V ... Prototype


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View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
It's really good, some of the yellow is very slightly more green than I thought but aside from that it's great!

Although I think most of the peeps at work who had a cuddle with it now want one also, ha!

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
It's the same length as her bed! But she loves it

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
Highslide JS

Highslide JS

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
It's here! Will take a pic or two tonight @ home

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
\o/ Will give that a go tonight XD

View Topic : NHS Under Ransom
Someone's probably going to get very rich, then very dead I imagine.

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
I am also now a resident of css hell. Attempting to toggle a disinct elements visibility with a seperate element which also needs to be hidden in certain conditions......eurghhhh there's DOM hierarchy invovled also.

Did I mention no javascript allowed...because...yeah, no javascript allowed

|edit| never mind, fixed it |edit|

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
Looks nice Jay

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
you floated twice! hehehe

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
oh no, ebay is really great for us. it's more like in addition ot our website there's ebay, amazon, game, coolshop, ebid and some others I'll be integrating soon, keeps me busy!

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
many... many things. not for myself I should add, for t'werk

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
Eurghh, yeah, today is all about encoding issues for me over here also :/ 10k of ebay listings, no pressure

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Dabz
Merry Borthdayweenmas Dabz!

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
Banana beer and cat poo coffee? XD

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
Will put some pics up here when it gets to me from sunny china town

View Topic : Polybius
Ohhh, Polybius! The legendary mythical game! Who better than Minter to bring that to reality!

View Topic : Pillowcases for kids!
Me and my Duaghter have been watching a lot of an anime called Bananya, basically involving cute half banana, half cats getting up to all sorts of antics. She loves eating bananas and loves cats so, it seemd like a good idea. Recently she decided she wanted a big pillow with Bananya & co on them, so I ended up vector tracing and photoshopping this together for her. Now, it's off to the printers and the pillowcase is going to be bigger than she is!

View Topic : Happy Birthday, rskgames!
mirahoo bithdos!

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2

Yeah, I prefer functions over classes myself when it comes to web stuff in particular!

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
mysql to mysqli isn't too bad, I wrote a helper library of functions that handles most cases if you want some future proofing. It's been running on refresh cartridges for aagess so is fairly bullet proof.

If you're using PHP classes, they've changed a bit in PHP7 with their constructors.

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
I'd not worry too much about javascript being disabled personally. If pretty much everything is done via links then you're covered pretty well for text browsers (says the guy who is obsessed with page speed and web accessibility)

I mean, if you're going to go for it with javascript disabled, you're best off (in an ideal world) desigining the site without javascript,then adding javascript functionality later on.

But, y'know, it's a thing that can eat up time.

I'd say check out if you were concerned about page speed but, the socoder site is pretty quick compared to most sites so probably isn't really an issue.

View Topic : Raspberry Cases
Bung it inside a large piece of toy food perhaps?

View Topic : The Force Field
’’Beam Me Up Han, Also, keep an Eye on Spock...For StormTroopers!’’ - Kirk Skywalker

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Is there any agreed convention to pause and unpause a game on arduboy Spinal?

I'm thinking if every d-pad button is pressed to trigger a pause event.

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Right, I've decided which game to port over to the lil system now. I reckon it should play okay on it, got a lil pew noise and explosion sound effect going on, should suit pick-up and play for 30 secomds gameplay which in my eyes is what that system is really made for.

If I can, I might try and release a bunch of games inside the one ROM file so it's a bit better for arduboy players. 32k...well, 28,672 bytes is a fair amount of space.

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