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View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Cool, thanks Spinal, looking forward to bunging some games on it when it turns up, then hiding it from the kids!

View Topic : SNES Mini?
If they do them with a store and a nice selection of games built-in I'll get it. otherwise I'm not that interested, I have a bunch of SNES games over here already.

I'd probably try to pick one up, with the sole purpose of flogging it along the line or something evil, mwahahaha!!!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
1bit is fine, 2.5kb of RAM is cool too, so, is it direct to framebuffer then, or are we looking at hardware sprites as a thing?

From what code I've glanced at it seems to be framebuffer which is cool, makes things easier in someways!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Oh wow, 16MHz! That's double what I have for the Gameboy Colour! The POWAH!!!!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Now I'll have to find time to get something coded on it, ha!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Orrrrr I might have just bought a white one now, ha! The shipping was almost as much as the system though, what in the hell!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Hmm, sounds good, will pick one up on payday probably!

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
I might get one sometime soon, they're about £50 yup?

View Topic : Weather in Games
Yeah, you could use a tool such as to get a handle on it roughly, although gps would be way more accurate.

I'm sure there is a free csv export with some regional data based upon I.P. ranges somewhere out there, I did use one years ago.

View Topic : Weather in Games
yahoo have one I'm fairly sure which you can web API into

View Topic : Finishing Off
They are everywhere and Formula Racing...THOSE GAMES I REALLY NEED TO FINISH! (after that boxart)

View Topic : Finishing Off
Ohh, that reveal....(teletext memories.....)

View Topic : Finishing Off
I typically get to 99% then just not cross the finishing line.. I still have to do the rear box art for Infinitron 2016!

Bloody procrastination!

Now, to watch something or other on youtube.....

View Topic : Spinal's Code
Noooo!! Maybe an undelete program could restore it?

I was gonna suggest the unused function might be changing some JSR into JMP in assembly which might throw things out slightly but it would be crazy for a system released nowadays to require clock cycle counting.

View Topic : QOTD : Time Sucking Games
Ikaruga on the Dreamcast ate up a lot of time from 2001 to 2006. As did Mario Kart Double Dash when that was released half-way through. Unreal Tournament, Red Alert 2 and lots more that would take forever to list from before then. and after then to be honest!

Currently I'm loving playing through Sanctum and UT again but have been sucked into mobile games, Pokemon Go and Valkyrie Crusade mainly.

View Topic : LED Bulb Lifespan?
Faulty electricity?

View Topic : Laptop Aaargh...
Oh smeg, that's a dead / dying drive right there.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, TheRevillsGames
Merry Birthdayweenmas!!!

View Topic : god damn c variables!
That's homebrew enough to be homebrew

View Topic : UK Top 20 Singles Chart
whoa, that's pretty insane....

View Topic : Hacked to the Core
ahh, the joys of extern.....

View Topic : god damn c variables!

Ohhh, some lovely n64 homebrew a brewin' there then?

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
I'm really looking forward to this one Jay, seems pretty awesome!

View Topic : Switchmas
So, does Fast RMX feel like F-Zero GX then I wander?

View Topic : RIP : Jay's Dad
Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear of this. I can't imagine how that would feel.

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