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View Topic : Manchester Arena Explosion
I know that the conclusion will be jumped to that this was an eastern religious attack, but currently there is no evidence. It is however a really sad reflection on society that someone feels the need to kill young people in an attempt to convey their point of view, be it religious or otherwise.

One of Helens work colleagues was there with his young daughter. Thankfully they had already left by the time this happened, many were not so lucky.

View Topic : Any Feature Requests?

View Topic : ArdWiiNo?

So, standard Wii classic controllers send 6 bytes per read, as follows -

So, after getting no button data at all from the usual classic controller code, I figured I'd simple request more data from the controller, so I first requested 16 bytes and the last few were all 0, so I reduced that to just what I could see were changing, 8 bytes in all.
The format seems very similar to the standard classic controller data, other than a couple of 0's in the middle.

one thing to note, is that when handshaking with the controller, a regular classic replies with "0,0,164,32,1,1,0,0", the last two 0's aren't mentioned anywhere on the internet that I could see. But this adapter replies with "0,0,164,32,1,1,132,134". My guess is that the 132,134 is probably to represent something like a wii motion plus adapter, just a guess though as other than that, it 'seems' to be a classic controller.


View Topic : Any Feature Requests?
email notifications of a topic/pm you started is replied to?

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey
Why does it look like a butchered 3ds xl?

View Topic : ArdWiiNo?
Sort of. Not sue what it was, but on the 15th re-wiring and using different software attempt, it works.
However, the plan is to use my 8bitdo nes classic bluetooth adapter. It can use almost any bluetooth controller and presents it as a wii classic controller (sort of). The issue is that it seems to send the data completely wrong. I can't find any info on the format it's sending the data, but compared to a normal classic controller, the left analog stick sends one axis as left analog, the other axis as right analog, the right analog sends one axis as right analog and the other as one of the trigger analogs and no digital buttons.
Currently I'm stumped.

View Topic : ArdWiiNo?
for some stupid reason, I can't make my wii classic controller work with my arduino pro micro.grrr...

View Topic : Time for a new Android Test Doohickey
I think you can still get a discount on function if you use the code ROUNDUP . Can't be sure though.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
Done the elephant and the bird. Still can't find some of the towers so my map is still quite dark.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
Do I keep hearing the WinXP startup sound every now and then?

Don't you hate it when you want to google something on your phone and by the time you get a connection and the page loads you forgot what it was that you wanted to know!

View Topic : Mountains of Code
Yup The source is on aminet although I can't make head nor tail of it.

View Topic : Mountains of Code
I really wish I had the first clue how to code things like this... Highslide JS

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
Looking good

View Topic : CSS-Me-Do - SoCoder2
Helen says shroom is right

View Topic : Raspberry Cases
I wonder if it would fit well inside that mario paint cart....

...probably not, can't find my screwdriver

View Topic : Raspberry Cases
I want something cool for a raspberry pi case, best I can find so far is one of those sega genesis usb hubs, but they're going for really stupid money on ebay.

View Topic : Buy Zelda
I need to practice fighting guardians. Tired of running away when i hear that blankety-blank theme tune.

View Topic : Switching with Monkey
switch dev kit?!

View Topic : Pokitto
C64 vs zx81... Only this time I'll have both

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
I'm handling my buttons as follows -



But all directions sounds like a good option, it isn't a combination that people are likely to need for controls.

View Topic : Pokitto
I now you probably don't want to start recreating your framework for a new system, but really there isn't much needed for this sort of thing, just gfx and sound mostly.
They really are fun things to work with.

View Topic : Pokitto
I just pledged for this doodad, looks cool. Linkage

View Topic : Facebook Group
Bah, that would mean making a facebook account!

View Topic : 1-2-...Never Mind
Luckily they have an actual returns policy, so im taking it back and hopefully theyll srill have bomber man in stock.

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