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Invasion V ... prototype


Invasion V ... Prototype


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View Topic : Shoutbox Topic - 384

View Topic : Shoutbox Topic - 384
SNES Classic announced, Nothing to find on amazon yet. I better not miss out!

View Topic : Puff Dog
For a second there I thought that snoop had changed his name...

View Topic : Buy Zelda
I haven't done that yet. I tried to back-track from the house to wherever the flame might be by following the lanterns down the hill, but just ended up going in circles at the bottom.

View Topic : Crystal Maze
Hate attention seeking z-listers. Can't wait for the real people to play.

View Topic : 2D Array?
I think you need to explain your question a little better.
Assuming that fireballx and firebally you have to be divided by the size of your tiles I would assume. then compared to the 0,0 of your maptile array. Then you will need to compare what the maptile actually is...


Perhaps someone else can explain better, I'm not great at explaining.

View Topic : Delete Button on Showcases
I'd be more than happy with 'hidden' rather than deleted.

View Topic : Cerberus X - the continuation of Monkey X
It's cool that Monkey will live on, but yeah, if I were to rename the project, I would keep it monkey themed, not mythical dog themed. But that's just me.

PS. Does Monkey do native UI elements such as buttons and text boxes etc.?

View Topic : AB-CD - Ok!
It is.

View Topic : AB-CD - Ok!
Dunno, it popped into my head.

View Topic : AB-CD - Ok!
Uploaded it directly from a download link. So that's what it did to it in the temp folder.

View Topic : AB-CD - Ok!
well, that didn't work did it!

|edit| hmm, neither did that.

View Topic : AB-CD - Ok!

View Topic : Crystal Maze
I set it to record on sky, lets see if it's worth it. Apparently Richard play the roll a lot like Moss from I.T crowd, that'll be interesting.

View Topic : SoCoder2 Site Test!
Looks like it

View Topic : Summer Days - Can't Stand 'em
Moved the hamster into the spare room, it's a little cooler in there. Hopefully he's smart enough to drink enough water.

View Topic : Pick a Theme
BlitzCoder or smoke

View Topic : SoCoder2 Site Test!
Is it just me, or are the first words in the sidebar links not clickable?

View Topic : Flipping Cards
The aim is more like this...
> Reveal 🔎

View Topic : Flipping Cards
does anyone have a tool to take an image and flip it over like a playing card? and output the frames?

View Topic : Slowing Technology
Yup, still using PSP7 here, simply because 8+ they goofed up the UI and it become more photoshopy, can't stand it. If it's a basic art tool, keep the interface basic.

View Topic : Slowing Technology
I could have sworne my 2ghz 4gbram laptop was faster than this all those years ago!

View Topic : ITunes DRM
Nah, won't be making a habit of this. Not if these people can't realize that customers != pirates.

View Topic : ITunes DRM
Yeah. Got the last series of person of interest, couldn't wait for Netflix to get hold of it.
So now I have to install iTunes on my laptop so I can plug it into the bedroom tv. Grrr

View Topic : ITunes DRM
damn you itunes DRM!!!!!!!!!ARGHH!!!!!

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