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View Topic : Possible LCD experimentation imminent.
This is gonna be hard to get info on I reckon. Most LCD screens have around 10 connections, this one has fucking 20!
Also got a little 3/4 inch speaker and a pipsqueak microphone out if this.

View Topic : Possible LCD experimentation imminent.
Gotcha ya little b*****d!

*Goes off to do some research...*

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View Topic : Possible LCD experimentation imminent.
I don't think I can sloder that due to my eyes not being as good as they used to be. I also diamantled my old Nokia 3510i but that's just as bad.

I have however dug deeper into my cache of crap and found an old cheesy cam that has been made very redundant. The screen has a nice fat bunch of wires coming out the back.

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View Topic : Possible LCD experimentation imminent.
I found an old Nokia 1209 in my box of crap. *Now... What to do with the screen I've just extracted!!! *

May require the big magnifying glass on my helping hands, but I reckon I could stick it to some veroboard and solder on some wires somehow.

Doing some research on this right now.

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View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
Bit of a bummer that is.

View Topic : Arduboy Owners Club
'ere spinal, you seen this yet? Linkage!

View Topic : Steampunk Lamp
Nice bulbage, lacks an earth lead though. Needs 3-core flex: YouTube

View Topic : AGameAWeek : 2017 - Part One
Is that gonna be like a Sokoban style game?, me likes Sokoban!

View Topic : QOTD : Time Sucking Games
8-Ball Pool, played that shitloads over the past two and half years.

View Topic : Happy Birthday, Steve and Blanko
Cheers fellas. No cake for me though, can't have too much sugar, a chicken pie would go down well though.
Happy birthday Nick

View Topic : LED Bulb Lifespan?
ASDA do LED bulbz for £7, and smaller ones for a fiver, Had mine for a couple of years without any problems.

View Topic : A Fools Day
I may even go on to invent the quiet-speaker.

View Topic : A Fools Day
I would post pics but cameras don't work in the dark.

View Topic : A Fools Day
I invented a device this morning, I call it the Darkbulb. It's a bit like a lightbulb but turns the room dark instead of light.

View Topic : Driverless Cars
I'm still borrowing my stepdaughter's Skoda at the moment, the deal is I take her out for driving practice. Bloomin' thing has a sensor problem somewhere, it's only a 1.4 but uses as much juice as a 3 litre. Bloomin' thing stinks to high heaven of petrol too, I don't drive it too much if I can help it.

View Topic : Driverless Cars
I drive like a grandad according to others.
Oh you said carless, I misread that as careless. LOL

View Topic : Driverless Cars
They can shove driverless cars all the way up their curly shit pipe, fucking things!

View Topic : Steve's Car Buying Disaster
Definitely not what it looked like in the advert, and didn't drive like it said in the ad either; I would rather drive a sit 'n' ride lawnmower.

View Topic : Steve's Car Buying Disaster
I went, I saw... Let's just say I know shit when I see it, this turd still had steam coming off it.

View Topic : Steve's Car Buying Disaster
Off to Eastbourne about 5ish to look at a car, 2006 Vauxhall Astra 1.9 SRI CDTI X-Pack. I'll post pics up if I do end up having it.

View Topic : Homefries
Sure is!. Obama is out of the picture and McCain has had his chips.

View Topic : Jeremy Bloody Kyle
Sit down and shut up you sweaty ballsack! LMFARO!

View Topic : London Car/Stab Incident
Twats that do this kind of terrorist stuff are after just the one thing, to maintain division among all cultures.

The left are always calling the average Joe in the street racists. I couldn't give a toss if someone came up to me and called me an English limey cunt or a Pommie, and I'm pretty sure Americans and Australians don't give a fuck when people call them Yanks and Aussies. But when we use shorter versions that reference Middle Eastern countries the racist card comes straight out when they themselve's chant stuff about Western culture and openly insist death should be upon all of us. But as we all know, racism is when a white or black person says stuff about Middle Eastern people but not the other way around, according to the left.

I have personally met loads of Muslims, Sikhs, Indans etc., and they have all been as down to Earth as the rest of us. I know a Pakistani guy that works in the same shop as my cousin, the first thing me and him do is the big man-hug thing when we bump into each other.

In order to stamp out racism the left need to stop protecting ISIS, Jihadists, and what ever other nutjobs fall into the same catagory. The rest of us just need to stop getting offended; you know, like the sticks 'n' stones thing we were always told during the school years.

The left and the right are the ones that created the monster, the rest of us just need to find a way of trimming those twats off of the edges.

I'm not left, nor right, I'm straight in the middle. That's how I, and I'm sure many others, feel right now.

Rant over!

View Topic : Technology on Planes
Bom ba bom bom bomb!

View Topic : Technology on Planes
As coders we know full well that an application can be run in the background, that could be a timer application that sets off a bomb inside of the laptop, no need for a delete key!

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