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View Topic : Electrical Costs
I don't get a meter man these days Jay, I just submit my readings online. I don't even get a paper bill anymore, it's all done via e-billing.

Do they give the option to go back if it don't work out well though?

View Topic : Electrical Costs
Dunno if I can get my head around it though, I'm so used to just paying it at 3 month intervals. I submitted my rolling numbers to British Gas online last night and it gave my current usage as £164.29, which is pretty damn good considering that's one price for both gas and electric. The bill is due somtime in the next few days or so, got their reminder text yesterday, the actuall price is usually not much different to the price they show on the submission page.
Really don't wanna end up paying budgeting meter prices coz they are a fucking rip off, hence why I'm wondering whether to move with the times or just stay as I am.

View Topic : Electrical Costs
Anyone one here using a smart energy meter?. A couple of friends claim that they're paying nearly 3 times more than when they were on the standard key meter, does this mean I'm better off staying on the quarterly (every 3 month) system?

View Topic : Father's Day
I'm not sure if I could cope if I were in the same situation, well at least he didn't manage to take your sense of humours down with him.

View Topic : SoCoder2 Site Test!
I'm gonna be honest, I actually prefer the look at the current site than SoCoder2... But I will go along with what ever Jay throws at us, coz that's the true SoCoder's way.

View Topic : RIP - Brian Cant
I sort of remember him. R.I.P.

View Topic : Finsbury Park Van Attack
Theresay May also pisses me off. I read somewhere on the net that she arrived at the Fisbourne scene; so where the fuck was she when those wankers did two attacks on London bridge within weeks of each other?, where the fuck was she when that other wanker self detonated at Manchester?. Fucking yellow c**t!

View Topic : Finsbury Park Van Attack
I don't give a screw about who worships what, but they should keep their religious views to themselves instead of trying to scaremonger everyone into joining their bullshit religions.

View Topic : Finsbury Park Van Attack
OK I will comment. I also voted Brexit, all terrorists are fuckface wankers.

And to add another variable into the equation... I hear muslims on there saying 'why do you kill muslims?', shouldn't that be 'why do you kill people?'. The muslims are always accusing everyone else of stereotyping and racism, jihadists go around mowing down people and blowing them up and yet we're all told to keep our gobs shut about it, but a non-muslim mows down a muslim and all fucking hell has to break loose.

Religion is a man made excuse for causing wars, that's why I broke away from my Christian motivated upbringing. When are people gonna realise that you don't need religion in order to have faith and belief?; get rid of religion, solve the problem!
I also do no condone what happened, but people need to start viewing people as people instead of race, creed, religion, and fucking colour.

View Topic : Finsbury Park Van Attack
I'm trying so hard not to comment on this!

View Topic : Pick a Theme

View Topic : TheRevillsComputer
Highslide JS

View Topic : Everybody Poops
I usually just strike a match after releasing the chocolate hostage, yes that actually does work, let the match burn most of the way down the shank and then blow it out and waft the smoke around the shitter room.

View Topic : Everybody Poops
This is the one I've seen before, it's the first time I've seen the one you posted though.

View on YouTube

View Topic : Everybody Poops
They would need to formulate and industrial strength version for me, I can clear a concert hall with my arse.

View Topic : NES Fixing
Also found a video on how to deal with it, although I'll remove the chip, remove the pin from a socket and mount it on that instead of butchering it.

View on YouTube

View Topic : NES Fixing
Well at least now I know why my NES has gone BRLOD Linkage

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
Hey, why in that advert am I only seein' black and white?; where's all the Chinese, Japanese, Asians, French, Germans, Polish.....? :
*Ducks down to avoid flying rotten fruit and vegetables*

View Topic : London Tower Fire
You must be a mindreader Dave, that's exactly what I was thinking. Sorry, but bomb factory springs to mind.

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
I'm aware of what you say is true, but you do see my point though right!

View Topic : London Tower Fire
Fridge-freezers don't explode, the gasses they use are inert.

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
It should be a site about helping all coders to get onto the path of opportunity, and should be renamed Devortunity rather than DevColor.

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
This ain't just a rant Jay, I really do have a valid point here.

Thanks for seeing my point spinal. That site seems to suggest that black people are the only ones that are struggling, and yeah, if any of us were to start a help forum that's aimed at "struggling white people" then we would be shut down by the authorities in an instant.

Why a small group of "black engineers" would think of a pro-black organisation is beyond me, and considering that they have a few white people on their team, why they don't at least put a message across that they are open to all colours and hues.

I am also puzzled why an enquiry into whether DevCrunch is still a dead horse would lead to me stumbling upon this.

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
I was just curious to see if Jay's philosophy was fulfilled.
From current newsletter
"It's only a matter of time before DevCrunch reemerges"

View Topic : Whatever happened to equality?...
This kind of thing really pisses me off. We are all expected by law and society to include openness to any race, religion, and indeed colour; yet I stumble upon a site whos mission is 'To maximize the impact of Black software engineers', where the fuck is the equality here then!
And that my fellow coders came up as a result of a Google search about Dev Cruch.

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