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View Topic : Happy Birthday Evil Roy Ferguson
Happy birthday ERF

View Topic : Spinal's Return to Android
There's a nice little platformer by the name of Spaceman Jeff, I also heard a little voice in the back of my head say "I hear that Jayenkai has a few good games on Android!" Plug-Plug!

View Topic : B3ta - Old Gamers
All Set Willy LMFARO!

View Topic : Happy Birthday, TheRevillsGames
Happy birthday fella!

View Topic : Ravetastically Awesome!
Perhaps they were down there since 1990.

View Topic : Ravetastically Awesome!
The venue was shit, and the old bill were a bunch of party poopers. Linkage

View Topic : Happy Birthday JL235
Happy birthday DD

View Topic : 2Slow

On Steam for £15.99 at the moment. Also on PS4 and XBone.

View Topic : 2Slow
It's and RPG in which you rescue kids from weirdos.

View Topic : 2Slow
Bought 2Dark from Steam yesterday, with these onboard graphics it is supershit slow. Time for a GFX upgrade methinks!

View Topic : I made a presentation!
Your presentation went a lot smoother than the video I put on Youtube and in my blog yesterday, my brain was all over the place and I kept getting my words muddled. LOL

View Topic : Steve's Arduino Escapades
Didn't want to do a video about boring flashing flip-flop LEDs, I needed to do something more chewy so I decided on this project.

View Topic : Steve's Arduino Escapades
Bloggage! Linkage

View Topic : I made a presentation!
You did quite good there Mats, I can imagine it's quite a big thing with getting preparations and stuff done beforehand, I wouldn't even know where to start.

View Topic : Steve Skoda, the Friendly Coder
I never thought I would ever drive a Skoda either, well at least it's not one of those old Yugoslavian ones that we used to rip the piss out of back in the 1980s. AKA the ones that had a heated rear window in order to keep ya hands warm while pushing it.

I got the name of that wrong earlier too, it's actually a Skoda Fabia, not Felicia, I always get the two model names mixed up. Must been an old fart thing.

View Topic : Steve Skoda, the Friendly Coder
Got a temporary car, borrowing my stepduaghter's Skoda Felicia, the Astra is going to the pots 'n' pans factory quite soon.

View Topic : Dead Pixels
Sorry but I just can't get my head around how dead pixels in these days of advanced tech can be defined as normal.

View Topic : Dead Pixels
If there's dead pixels or black square anomolies then it's fuckfacing defective you numpties!

View Topic : Dead Pixels
Nintendo said such pixels were ’’normal and should not be considered a defect’’, so does that mean it's faulty when there aren't any dead pixes then? Linkage

View Topic : NESBork
Tampering with the NES Classic Mini bricks it, apparently! Linkage

View Topic : Spinal's GBA Flash Cart
Have you got another identical card?, if so then you could figure out what to connect and where.

View Topic : Spinal's GBA Flash Cart
Me personnaly, I would get some enamelled copper wire, the thin but stiffish wire from a mains transformer will be fine, then trace the track from the break to both end points and then solder just the right length of that wire to those points. You could also scrape the varnish off the track a few millimeters just each side of the break and then solder some of that wire to form a bridge, but if theres any tracks either side of the broken one then you run risk of shorting out.

Not all is lost as long as the components themselves are not damaged.

View Topic : Spinal's GBA Flash Cart
Do you mean as in the part that inserts into the console, or inside the cart its self?

If you post a picture then I may be able to think up a solution, I've repaired a lot of circuits in my time when I was fixing TVs and other stuff back in the day. You'll be surprised what can be fixed when others say "no way!"

View Topic : Switchmas
I notice the console is around £279 at the moment, I'm sure a lot will be sheared off that price in about 6 months.

View Topic : Switchmas
Nintendo Switch has Super Bomberman R, just seen it on the ASDA website at £40.00, tempted to get the console for that reason but I think I'll wait a few months for the bugs to be revealed and the price lowered.

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