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Created : 06 January 2008
Edited : 02 February 2008
System : Windows
Language : Cobra

Omnircron (Alpha demo)

Early Alpha #2

Omni20080201.rar (9MB)


Minimum System Requirements

Omnircron will need up to 60MB of your free RAM at the moment.
I'd recommend a 1.5Ghz processor as a minimum (working on getting that down)
64MB of Integrated graphics would probably be more than enough
12MB of free space.

Recommended System Requirements
100MB of free RAM (it gets a bit tight otherwise)
The faster processor, the better.
128MB of Integrated or Dedicated graphics

Latest Update

By the way

Tilde/the-key-underneath-Esc opens/closes the console.
[ key: Console history
] key: Console autocomplete
Slightly non-standard, but the combination has grown on me

Alpha 2

I've given it a bit of polish and optimisations.

No more ugly visual basic options forms, I made my own

Still got a few quirks, and a lot to do. No physics engine worth showing you yet, but everything in the level is real-time scripted.

I need an artist soon!


Monday, 07 January 2008, 18:04
Hey this isnt that bad it actually looks pretty good. Keep up the good work.
Tuesday, 08 January 2008, 02:24
power mousey
woa!, quantum amazing!
yeah Hobo, keep up the good work
and those Omnicron particles too.
Tuesday, 08 January 2008, 05:17
Thanks both. Just the physics engine to do now (the fun part), then I'm going to have to find an artist to hire (even if I have to get a job to pay him!) and then just polish everything off.
Tuesday, 08 January 2008, 06:24
very good keep good work up.
Friday, 01 February 2008, 17:35
Grab the new Alpha 2 download while it's hot!
Friday, 01 February 2008, 18:12
I would if dial-up wasn't so slow, but the screenshot looks great!
Friday, 01 February 2008, 22:28
power mousey
whoa there!
dem recommmended system requirements.

Saturday, 02 February 2008, 16:26
Well, I haven't tested it on anything slower than that minimum processor and integrated graphics which I run, but it runs at 25-50FPS here. It would probably run on slower hardware, but might not look so good. (frame limiter needs some work)

But saying that, when I developed the first version back in the days of Blitz3D, I only got 14FPS on that old machine, which no-one would accept nowadays!

Many companies sell games with minimum requirements that are really too slow to run the stuff. I'm just being brutally honest on where I'd draw the line
Saturday, 02 February 2008, 18:55
power mousey
I'll stick to the slow games...especially the games of a few years ago that are gradually declining in price and placed in the discount shelf or bargain bin.
Being more of a concerned consumer, balanced budgeter and a wiser and smarter shopper...I too draw the line with system requirements, budgets, and game fun that not only includes stupendously gorgeous graphics.

um...the screen shot looks good
and probably runs good FPS alone on my machine.
My HP computer only has 32 mb of integrated video
memory. Sis 650...even cheaper than Trident integrated memory.

However, still waiting, even anticipating the next big leap of pixel plotting percolation with the acquiring of better inegrated video memory. When my brother gives me his latest and more advanced HP, while he basks in the limelight with his 2 laptops.
This HP has 128mb integrated video memory and with
Nvidia GeForce FX 5500(or better) configurations.
Not too bad for a few steps above into being more of an integrated pixelated person.
Tuesday, 05 February 2008, 03:13
power mousey
hey Hobo dude,

I can now run your Omnicron game with full or near full
recommended specs. And with my new and slightly used computer.

Now, we'll see how much Cron is in the Omni. right?