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Showcase > Puzzle ( Created 23 October 2009 | Last Edited 24 October 2009)

Domino Game - Created by Evil Roy Ferguson (Rating 75%)

Now even dominoes explode when you put them together.
Created using Blitz Max > View Worklog (0 entries)
Windows Version
Simple little domino game thing I'm puttering with -- feedback is more than welcome. Still in the early stages, obviously.

How to Play

Place dominoes with the left mouse button. Rotate the domino clockwise with the right mouse button.

When two identically numbered domino halves touch, they pop, and pull their neighbors into the space they were occupying (it'll make more sense once you've seen it.) This can lead to combos, if those two also make a match, and the higher your combo level, the more points you get. Clearing more than two tiles at a time is also a good way to earn points. (Example combo in the upper right of the grid -- when the two is cleared, the sixes will be pulled together and be eliminated, pulling the fives together.)

Dominos cannot be placed over each other.

Unlike in real dominoes, two different numbers CAN touch -- they just don't pop.

Earning points restores your life meter, visible at the bottom of the screen. If you run out of life, the game insults you and then continues because I haven't implemented game over properly yet. The game also ends if you somehow manage to run out of legal moves.

Your next three dominoes are shown at the right of the screen.

Special Domino Flavors

Green dominoes are Bonus Dominoes, and increase the effective combo level by one when eliminated.

Red dominoes are Rotten Dominoes, and gradually rot nearby dominoes as well. You do not get points for clearing rotten dominoes, so get rid of them before they eliminate your scoring potential.

White dominoes are Ghost Dominoes, and cannot be cleared, even when paired next to their own number. However, when their partner is cleared, and they're pulled into their partner's tile, they shed their ghostliness and can be cleared normally.
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Recent Updates

Uploaded a Windows WIP. Will upload the Mac one later.

Latest Comments

Posted : Thursday, 29 October 2009, 16:15

Vote : 4
Luvly stuff!

I was expecting them to drop at first, not sure why, probably just used to that happening!
There's not really any way you can symbolise that!

Good game, though. Kept me playing for a good 20 mins, which is practically a rarity for me, lately!

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