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Posted : Friday, 09 December 2016, 08:14
Considering how much is going on that's pretty good
Posted : Saturday, 10 December 2016, 07:49
Rejigged text display so the thing looks a bit more demo-ish, and also moved a bunch of the code about, so this entire "demo" is now in a single Test() Method.
Tonight I'll see about getting that Menu/Game switch stuff working.

(Same link! F5 it!)

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Posted : Saturday, 10 December 2016, 12:22
The framework's using the same set of numerical values to store which part of the engine it should be running in.

0 = Main Menu
1 = Menu Loader (the thing after a game, where it reorganises the scoreboards and saves everything)

10 = Ingame
11 = Game Loader (for resetting the levels and whatnot)

Previously, I would just change GameMode to whatever I need it to be, but this time around I'm doing nicely formatted stuff, so instead I have to call a function from the game script, over to the framework script, to get the job done..

"Make the Game-Mode variable be N"
I'd say.
And I tried to find a quick and short way to put that across..

Then I found it..

The most perfect keyword in the whole entire keyworld!!

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Posted : Saturday, 10 December 2016, 15:55
The world's most simplest back and forth is set up.
I've started to add simple versions of key/mouse "tap" stuff, but so far nothing major.
You can now, however, jump from the none-existent menu, into the game, pause, unpause, and quit back to menu.
So, that's all good.

Tomorrow I might look into making an options menu.


Same link .. F5 for the newest

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Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 12:20
Further work on the Main Menu layout.
I've decided to keep the two sidebars, and make them a little more sidebar-like.
Scores will go back over on the right
Options and credits are on the left, but neither button does anything yet.
There's also a Quit button top-left for isOUYA and probably GLFW mode, too.

You'll find the three gameplay modes make the text scroller a teensy tiny bit different at the start, just to check they were inferring the right settings when involked.

Mouse should work fine. Cursor keys and Z/X should also work fine.
Not grabbed a controller, recently, but that should also work fine, although it'll only be one controller that works.

Tomorrow (perhaps) I'll get working on that Options screen.

As always, F5 this page for the latest.

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Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 12:45
The mouse co-ords are off on the difficulty settings in Full screen mode, but other than that it's good
Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 13:51
In what way, off?
Do you mean that the clickable area is central to the screen but the actual text is left aligned into the area that's clickable?! If so, then that's ok. .. Button'y Boxes are coming!

If you mean up/down skewed, then ... Hmm.. Browser+Version please!!

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Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 14:07
In Firefox Full-screen mode, it's totally fucked up. It's perfect in normal mode - clicking on the difficulty text highlights the difficulty then starts the app - in full screen mode it's totally borked.

Here's a really poor vid -

View on YouTube

The clicking is me clicking the mouse. As you can see I click everywhere, pretty much.
Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 14:54
*Installs firefox and tries it*

TheFuck, Firefox!?!

OK, ignore the Fullscreen link, and instead hit F11 on your keyboard. That's much nicer.
I don't have a sodding clue what Firefox is trying to do, but that ain't normal!!!

Seems Firefox takes "Canvas as it currently is" and makes that into a fullscreen element.
Chrome, on the other hand, creates a new fullscreen sized canvas, based on the original.

Not to worry, the fullscreen link isn't available once the game's out in the wild, anyway!

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Posted : Sunday, 11 December 2016, 15:26
At least you know now
Posted : Monday, 12 December 2016, 15:51
Today's mostly been spent deciding on a style for the Option screen, and getting bits and pieces coded.
It's not 100% yet, and still needs a number of other options put into place, (eg, it doesn't scroll yet!) but it's nice that it's kinda mostly working, sort of!!

Try not to switch it into one of the phone-portrait views, though.. Terribly broken! I still need to fix that view..

Shift+F5 me for the latest!

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Posted : Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 02:10
The menus are now working nicely in Fullscreen (can see the extra cursor), however the EXIT menu isn't - the extra cursor doesn't show in that bit.

I presume the monkey/GAW link isn't working yet? It just produces an epilepsy inducing flashing screen!
Posted : Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 05:50
Yeah, the "credits screen" is currently unstarted! Just a lovely psychedelic placeholder for now! The options screen started out with exactly the same crazy flashing background.. (copy&paste job!)

The little cursor doohickey isn't supposed to be a permanent thing. But if it's helping, then I turn make it into one. Hmmm... will have to think about that, and decide when it's best to use it or not.

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Posted : Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 13:44
Today's updates..

I "kinda" got the overscan working!
Took fucking AGES getting the maths for that.
SetMatrix (the scaler) uses 0->1.0 scaling maths, whereas Translate (the offset) uses pixel maths. So, in order to overscan 10% of the screen, you need to.
.. do some maths.. and .. shit..
I just kept F5'ing until it looked right.

There are a few quirks.
1. The mouse offset isn't recalculated, so all the values fuck up. I should *probably* fix that, but I can't imagine a time when Mouse and Overscan will be used together.. Things are very much in a state of flux, right now!

2. You can't slide the Overscan option very well, again because the mouse offset screws up. Keyboard left/right works well, but not so much sliding.

3. Overscan in Portrait mode is very very screwy!!


Next I started work on the Credits screen.
I'm going to have to work out how I'm storing additional credits, this time.. Last time it was a giant array.
... That might not be a bad idea this time, too!
But the basics are in there.
.. Oh, and I need to add a "if MouseDown, exit credits screen" thing, too..

That'll do for tonight.

As always Shift+F5 this to try it out.

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Posted : Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 16:15
Today's tweaks.
New Jingle! oooh!
I also replaced the default menu beeps, and also finished off doing the Credits screen.

I got the "Game Over" screen doing pretty much what it did before. (Hit C when "ingame" to insta-die, or use the menu to quit)

No scores are happening yet, though, so no scoreboard stuff or anything like that. That should hopefully be tomorrow.
Family's visiting, though, so .. maybe not.
Bloody December, with family and shit. Bah...

Same link, Shift+F5 for the most recent

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Posted : Saturday, 17 December 2016, 05:41
Ooops, haven't updated this for a few days.

Although, to be fair, I've not added much that's noticably new.
Most of the past few days have been tweaking old stuff.

I've rearranged the titlescreen so it works better in portrait, although I've still not laid out the actual game menu properly. I need to buttonise those, I think, before going on.
Scrolling would probably help, too. As it would in the Options screen.

Meanwhile, the scoring mechanism has been implemented, but I've yet to start work on an actual scoreboard.
I also, still, haven't checked that my multiplayer code works on OUYA/Etc, because I can't be arsed hooking it all up!!

The most recent test is, as always, right here. Be sure to Shift+F5 it to get the most recent version.

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Posted : Saturday, 17 December 2016, 09:12
Really nice work Jay, I like the user interface so far, works very well here

Happy coding!
Posted : Saturday, 17 December 2016, 12:23

I keep trying to find a way to get that "3 game modes" thing to work in portrait mode, and it really doesn't work.
I might have to rethink the whole titlescreen...

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Posted : Saturday, 17 December 2016, 16:13
Think I've worked out a half-decent layout for the basic Easy/Normal/Hard titlescreen. (eg, used button images!)
It's odd that the wide view uses up and down, whilst the tall view uses left and right..
... Very odd!
But, hey it works, right?!

Quite what I do for more complex menu systems, I've no idea.
That'll (more than likely) be tomorrow's challenge.

As usual, Shift+F5 for the latest.
(It's becoming more and more obvious that iOS Safari doesn't want to refresh the images!!)

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Posted : Tuesday, 20 December 2016, 07:02
OK, enough of the Network gubbins, let's get back to the coding.

Over the course of the past couple of days, I stripped out the entire menu system and redid from scratch.
The menu now uses simple up+down controls, and works exactly the same in both orientations.

Next up, those bloomin' scoreboards.
Where the hell are they going!?

Same like as ever, Shift+F5 for the newest

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Posted : Tuesday, 20 December 2016, 13:32
Rejigged the Options menu, so that..
A) It looks less cramped and cluttered.
B) It scrolls up and down!

I think (*think!) I got the mouse/touch controls working well enough. But, who knows!

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Posted : Friday, 30 December 2016, 07:51
Bloody Android..
God fucking damnit, Android!!!

The official Android docs suggest I use .getDescriptor() to find the name of the controller.
I tried.
It didn't compile.

I then spent about 3 days trying various different ways to declare each controller, none of which appeared to work in any way, shape or form.
Essentially, unless the controllers were listed specifically as ID 1-4 (which, ANDROID, they never fucking are) I would end up with random events.
eg, my Archos Gamepad with an X360 pad connected.
The device's onboard dpad and Face Buttons show up with ID 1
.. The device's onboard analogue sticks show up with ID 2
.... And the X360 pad shows up as ID 71.. Because... *shrugs*

Today, I found my problem.

The thing you have to do, is instead of saying..

You have to say..
int device=event.getDeviceID()
and then..
String Descriptor=InputDevice.getDevice(device).getDescriptor();

Because.. Fucking Android.. Why not!!?

And could I find that, ANYWHERE online?!
Could I fucking bollocks!!!

Now I have to rewrite my controller code to hopefully take that into account, and it'll be plain sailing..

... :\

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Posted : Friday, 30 December 2016, 10:02
Holy jesus fuck..

Right, several hours later, that's working.
From "Non-static cannot access static" issues, to "How the fucking hell do you debug?", it's been an intense couple of hours..

Log.d("Debug This");
is *supposed* to work.

Does it fuck!!

After some digging, I found how Monkey's doing it, and it seems to work fine for me, too.

System.out.println("Debug Method");
Stick whatever you want, and it pops up on Monkey's debug box.

Meanwhile, I also managed to learn that "This"="That" doesn't work on Android/Java.
Instead "This".equals("That") is the preferred method, because...



Right, back to some actual coding, now. As far as I can currently tell, my controller code should be working.
On Android..

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Posted : Friday, 30 December 2016, 12:59
For the first time, tonight, I've got to see the Android's age-old "Two controllers break each other" issue that OUYA've been banging on about, lately.
I can kinda fix it by switching a "return false;" to a "return true;" in the thumbstick section of the code, but awkwardly it seems to then kill the X360 pad's dpad, and I'm not sure why...
Further investigation is required, I think.

*fucking Android*

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Posted : Saturday, 31 December 2016, 18:37
The new year's literally just started, and I'm lying in bed coming up with a vague plan....
... for my Xmas 2017 game..!

.. that's not normal!!

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