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Rip-off Boxes

Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 00:24 | Permalink

I got one of those so-called ’’fully loaded’’ boxes for my birthday last year, fully loaded my arse! Linkage
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Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 00:24 | Permalink

Those look like an insanely physically large version of Rabbit TV which was popular here several years ago.
Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 00:42 | Permalink

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Get yourself Netflix and Amazon, and a half decent Chrom/Roku/Apple box..
If you want newer movies, try NowTV, but Sky prices can fuck off IMO...

Honestly, with Netflix and Amazon, you have more than enough content to go around. Then there's BBC, AllFour and UKTV apps for even more stuff.
It's getting cheaper to watch great stuff without the risks/ripoff issues of getting a dodgy box.
Those days are gone..

"Load, Next List!"
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Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 01:21 | Permalink

Last year, Rabbit TV had fallen out of favor enough that the Dollar Tree had tons of them. I bought a few because they are so tiny, they are nice to format and just use as a flash drive.

Amazon Prime for me, although since moving I can't really stream stuff here due to a slow connection. Nice for us in the states because it has shit tons of BBC stuff we normally would not be able to watch.
Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 02:05 | Permalink

I don't have a 'tv-stick' of any kind. I have a raspberry pi for classic gaming, nothing else. Everything else is taken care of by my TV. It has all of the legit software pre-installed, amazon, netflix bbc iplayer etc. The Netflix content if way better now that it was when I tried it a few years ago, it's actually work getting.

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Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 06:25 | Permalink

The box I have is the MX Pro, I'm actually thinking of turning it into an Android gaming console if that's possible. I renewed my TV license last week, not sure while though considering I hardly watch the fucking thing. I guess I would be wasting dosh if I got Netflix or Amazon TV, I only used that MX box a few times then got bored of it.
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Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 06:40 | Permalink

They keep trying to update the tv licence rules, since the analog broadcast stopped they trying to get around the "my tv cant get bbc" excuse. I got a letter at work recently saying that home tv licences don't cover watching bbc iplayer on your phone, apparently the places that you watch it must have a licence also. stupid.

Download "Don't Flip Out!" Directly to your OUYA! (Click Here).
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Posted : Thursday, 09 February 2017, 09:33 | Permalink

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I don't pay for any external tv services (except the stupid tv licese fee, which I'd like to see disappear (but that's another matter)). I got rid of SKY last year, after 20 years and just got a Freeview+ recorder. For everything else, there's the internet.

I'd rather spend my limited free time chatting to you guys on this forum
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