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What Have You Done? - April 2017

Posted : Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 05:05 | Permalink

WW Entries : 106


What did you get done this Month?
  • A nice "gradiented slopes" tilemap platform engine
  • A 500-level Sokoban style game, with all new levels.
  • Integrated the online boards more with the Archive. (eg, added links from games to their scoreboards!!!)
  • A game with rocks and swords.
  • A generic pacman clone!!

    Did everything turn out as planned?
    Pretty much.
    I've had a nicely productive month, especially when you consider how much bloody Zelda I've been playing!
    I'm learning to balance the code and the gaming well.
    PuyoPuyoTetris is due out in the next day or so, though, so I imagine that'll totally fuck up any productivity I've recently found.


    What didn't you get done?
  • Battle with Ganon

    Why not?
    Too Scared!!


    What are you working on right now?
    I'm trying to decide on the best way to make my CPC Microgame Wario-Ware style collection flick between the different games.
    Swooshy effects will probably be the best choice.

    How's that going?
    Not sure. I think I need to code a couple of Minigames to test it out properly.


    What's the plan for the next Month?
  • More Coding
  • More Zelda
  • More Music


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    Posted : Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 06:43 | Permalink

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    What did you get done this Month?
  • Made a lil shooter for the Gameboy over last weekend, was pretty fun to do!
  • Finished off the extra art bits for Infinitron. That's all about to wing it's way off to america for printing.
  • Purchased an Arduboy, should be fun for next month!

    Did everything turn out as planned?
    Kinda. I'm probably going to work on adding some BGM to Hives and maybe squeeze some other bits in there, but it's a small, complete game, with full game loop, high scores, etc.
    The Artwork for Infinitron took longer than it should have done, motivation towards the end of a project is always tough for me.


    What didn't you get done?
  • Make a dent into older games I need to finish!

    Why not?
    Infinitron 'n' Stuffs


    What are you working on right now?
    Not much, might have a look through someones code later on, see if I can help em out a bit more.

    How's that going?
    I guess I'll know tonight


    What's the plan for the next Month?
  • Restart or finish another game for Gameboy
  • Play with that Arduboy, possibly code for it too!

    Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

    Refresh Games - Game Dev Blog
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