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Created : 11 September 2013
System : Windows

Apple's Pricing Strategy

When I first heard the words "iPhone 5c - CHEAPER iPhone" my thoughts went a little like this..

iPad is £399
iPad with 4G is £499
Therefore, logically, it costs "In Apple Prices" (which we all know are stupidly over-the-odds, but we let it slide)

Tech £399
Mobile Capabilities £100

So, in my head, I figured it'd be a case of..

iPod Touch £200
iPod Touch with 4G £300.
or thereabouts.

That's what I figured.
I mean, that makes total sense, right?!
I'm not going off my rocker here! I'm using actual real-world examples, and extrapolating the possibilities.
I'm not going crazy, and outpricing things to a stupid degree..


"HOLY FUCKNUTS!!" was my tweet, as I woke up to find the actual price of the new iPhone 5c



An iPod Touch 16Gb, with added Mobile Connectivity. costs more than TWICE AS MUCH as the iPod Touch itself.

That's just plain taking the fucking piss.

I don't normally rant about over-pricing, but seriously, what in the name of hell!?

Next time, Apple, just call it the iPhone 5w ... for "What the fuck kind of price do you call that!? Cheaper my arse!!"



Friday, 20 September 2013, 02:35
Yeah, when it was announced all that time ago that Apple were bringing out a "cheap iPhone" I thought, yeah, I might just try to buy into that now. At £100 less than a proper, faster, smoother and definitely better iPhone it's a big "FUCK OFF APPLE!!"
And when a "cheap" iPhone costs more than a decent specced laptop you know that Apple are just taking the fecking piss.

£469 is definitely not cheap.
Friday, 20 September 2013, 03:54
Oddly enough, I've just been browsing O2s pricing, this morning .. Holy fucking Munky balls!!!!

The cheapest tarriff is as follows..
Tarriff : 600 mins, unlimited texts, 750mb data (which, we all know is nowhere near enough)
"Only" £12 a month.. On a TWO YEAR CONTRACT...

Phone Cost : "only" £20 a month over the same two years, plus an upfront cost of £29.99!!!

Altogether that comes to a fucking ludicrous cost of "only"


Fucking FUCKITY fucky fuck...

.... They also allow you to pay full price for the phone, instead of monthly payments..
The cost is only £529, which is, of course, much more than the price that Apple themselves are charging.
Talk about ripping off the customer.
Jesus fucking fucknuts..
Friday, 20 September 2013, 04:41
Thing is people know this, but as Apple don't allow you to pay on tick, then a phone shop price becomes more attractive to those that can't afford the up-front fees.

As the iPhone is a "status symbol" to some, they are prepared to pay over the odds over a long term.

People are stupid. iGeeks are even more stupid.