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Created : 12 April 2024
Edited : 12 April 2024
System : Windows
Language : BlitzMax

Bubble Bobble RPG

NES Remake

Download Bubble Bobble RPG v1.0 (23MB)
Bubble Bobble RPG sets its sights on the lofty goal of reimagining one of the most addictive and entertaining multiplayer games for the NES. By adding RPG elements and randomization the aim is to make each playthrough as different as possible to increase replayability. Journey through the cave of monsters and collect treasure, items, and increase your experience to level up your bubble dragon as you see fit. With fifty unique levels, a magic system, item shops, and three bosses to contend with, you've never played Bubble Bobble like this before!

FEATURES -------------------------------
- 2 Player mode, with split keyboard and dual joystick support
- Top 100 online high score table
- Random level order, tilesets, and enemy selection on every play
- Select between Bubble Bobble 1 and 2 musical sound tracks
- Three dragon classes with different attributes - Bubble, Flame, and Spark
- Three boss battles that will put your skills to the test
- 17 different items range from health potions to level clearing spell books
- Level based magic system, charge your bubbles to unleash magic shots
- Level up your dragon by empowering your bubbles, magic, or by boosting HP
- Enemies level up as well, getting stronger as the game progresses
- Find the key in each level to unlock hidden treasure
- Easy mode for beginner players
- Two hidden modes (See cheat codes at end of this file)
- Hard mode unlocked after beating the game on normal for endless play
- Includes full source code

TIP: You must play on normal and without cheats to submit a high score

Latest Update

v1.0 - Initial Release (4/12/24)



Saturday, 13 April 2024, 00:00
Looks mighty fine.

My own version did not get very far. Got to 64 kilobytes of source code and 1 level before the burn out set in.
Saturday, 13 April 2024, 02:13
Crikey, all that music adds up in the filesize, huh!!?
Yeah, runs well enough. A lovely little recreation. I didn't play it far enough to get a feel for the RPG elements. I might have another go once I'm >5% awake
Nice game! \o/yeay\o/
Sunday, 14 April 2024, 20:44
@Pakz I barely finished this one myself. Got about 80% of the way done and then it starting getting hard to manage, but at that point I had to see it through.

@Jay Yea, I think the game would be around 7mb zipped without all the ogg music, I try to keep it lossless from the NES original. Would be cool if BlitzMax had an NSF module for music though. I saw you on the hi scores, thanks for playing!