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Created : 25 December 2007
Language : Blitz

3D Level Editor

A simple 3D level editor

Level Editor
YAK no screenshots sorry guys your just going to have to download to see its true wonderfully awesomeness. No source either aren't I a bugger.

Everything is pretty much working I would like to know what bugs people have and dont have. You should be able to save everything on the map you make and then load it back up into the editor.

Alright Recommended system requirements are like really super low if you turn shadows and bloom OFF.

If you have both on you'll need at least a:

AMD/Intel 2.6 ghz or higher.
Geforce 6600 256MB GFX card or higher
1 GB if memory. <- Not really needed unless you make a huge freaking gigantic map.
atleast 20 mb's of free hard drive space.

Try to save your work often so you dont loose it! and Height maps MUST be 128*128 any lower or higher will cause major errors to pop up everywhere. Working on a fix for this.

And the Plane under the water wont get saved.




Wednesday, 26 December 2007, 09:36
I ran it, went to settings, chose no bloom and no bumpmapping, and 800 by 600. Restarted it and it MAV'd! Oh well. It did look good while it lasted!
Wednesday, 26 December 2007, 13:14
hmm weird can you send me the settings file? it should be options.conf or something like that. Turning bump mapping on and off will have no speed differences. Thats cause it doesn't update the bump map yet.

toasterthegamer :at: gmail :dot: com

Friday, 28 December 2007, 04:08
Didn't work for me either, but I couldn't even start it! From starting the program, I was greeted by two errors, before it then closed:

Friday, 28 December 2007, 13:22
power mousey
gotta couple of bad links.
finally got on to the site.

um....sorry, but program didn't work.
Saturday, 29 December 2007, 16:38
wow no one here seams to be able to run it which leads me to believe the download I posted here is bad.. So I will upload it again to a different host one I like better. I would use willhostforfood but there down right now. I also updated the exe so you guys are getting the latest stuff. Can you guys post your system spec's too? shroom_monk looks like your using windows 2000? maybe 98? I havent test the editor in those OS since i dont have them installed on my computer. Anyways here's the link:


Saturday, 29 December 2007, 16:51
Gonna go to bed so can't test the new one now.

Specs: Windows XP Home, 1.6 Ghz Centrino Duo, 128MB Intel Inregrated Graphics chipset, 512MB RAM.

It did work, till I changed the options.
Saturday, 29 December 2007, 20:57
Weird Changing the options here doesn't effect stuff. It might be due to the integrated graphics card though. Integrated just sucks for heavy 3D stuff.
Sunday, 30 December 2007, 03:17
I'm using Windows ME - the OS which almost wrecked Cobra!
"Cobra Demo is out!"
"Um, doesn't work on ME..."
"OK, how bout now?"
"Right, now?"
"Still having problems..."
"Oh, forget it..."

Chances are, your program will probably have a lot of trouble running on my computer. But it's worth a shot... *downloads latest version...*

|edit| Nope, it was exactly the same as last time. I don't think it's a download problem, Toaster... |edit|
Sunday, 30 December 2007, 09:27
Ran it again - pretty menus, etc, but I could not see a single 3D item on the screen, even when I tried loading in heightmaps.

I went into settings and disabled everything I saw to uncheck (antialias, bumpmap, bloom, all of it), reran it and it MAV'd again.

Sunday, 30 December 2007, 10:47
Shroom_monk: Thats weird. Man if I only had your OS's to debug in..

HoboBen: Wow I just found out what was wrong when you turn off the shadows BAM it errors.. Here's a new download link with a fixed EXE just overwrite it over the old one.


Sunday, 30 December 2007, 11:28
power mousey
well, I'm using my moms Dell computer.
Which has no fricking front panel for at least
one usb port for her Ipod Nano.
The cable barely reaches from back to front
to connect to the Ipod.

anyway here are my moms Dell computer specs:

Windows XP home edition, 1.3 Ghz Pentium X86 based,
512 mb system memory, and Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 400
32 MB integrated video memory.
Sunday, 30 December 2007, 15:12
I'm running XP
1.0GB ram
3.20Ghtz Pentium 4 HT
Radeon X600 256MB Hypermemory

And sorry, but I get 'Userlib not found' error...
Sunday, 30 December 2007, 17:42
It worked!

Sorta. I can't get anything 3D to show up
Sunday, 30 December 2007, 21:13
Power mousey its most likely due to the fact that you have intergrated video card. HoboBen same with you cause 3D objects should show up. =/

TheMadProff: Thats weird are you sure you have ashadow.dll where the exe is and make sure you have the latest video card drivers and the latest directX.

Sunday, 30 December 2007, 21:43
I dunno. Most Blitz3D things work. Just fancy things like shaders I have trouble with. But even then, OpenGL shaders are OK, just not whatever the other kind is.
Monday, 31 December 2007, 04:32
Well, I'm only running dx9...
But i have the dll...
Monday, 31 December 2007, 14:08
well yeah I mean the latest directX 9. I keep forgetting theres a 10 now. Thats weird is there two dll's there should be another one called FastText.dll?