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Showcase > Apps and Utilities ( Created 11 March 2008 | Last Edited 02 February 2009)

Snooping Cat - Created by Scherererer (No Votes)

I'm in ur computer, snooping ur infoz
Created using C/C++ > WindowsView Worklog (0 entries)
Snooping Cat MSI in a RAR
This program uses WMI to remotely retrieve information about the computer you specify. So, if you want to find out about a computer named "George-Computer" just type that into the box, then hit the button, and off you go!

  • Basic Computer Information
  • Drive Information/Usage
  • Video Adapter Info
  • Printers
  • Network Adapters
  • Real-time Performance/Memory usage info

For testing: type in "localhost" as the computer name to get the local computer's information.

*note: Only runs on Windows-based systems, only pulls info from windows-based systems. Also, if you're not on a domain (in all likelyhood you're not) you will have to specify different credentials to connect to a different computer
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