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Saved Game Backup
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Currently in the developement phase, this project will back up the saves from 37 games so far, automatically identifying wether or not you have installed them when it runs!

At present, the restore option is not functional, as I am concentrating on expanding the number of games it can recognize, but it will auto-backup and shutdown if you create a shortcut with the command line parameter /A
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Posted : Thursday, 26 October 2006, 20:50

If you could set it to work automatically, like when you start up it'll automatically with no GUI or anything (unless maybe specified to) back up your saves, I could see a use for this. But only because of the numerous times I have had to start from the beginning because the game has crashed and ruined my save.

To be honest I wouldn't want to operate this sort of software manually (apart from setting it up), as I feel why not just copy the saves myself.

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