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Created : 18 October 2013

Advanced BBCode

Enhance your post using special BBCode.

Advanced BBCode

SoCoder contains a lot of background BBCode that I've added over the years for fancy reasons, but inevitably they've pretty much remained unused.

Some of these will be useless to you, but if you want to attempt to make your posts a little bit fancier, you can have a play with some of them.

Advanced Tables

Tables have gotten messy, as I randomly added more and more silly functions to them, most of which I can no longer remember the point of!

First up is the difference between [t] and [t_pad]


Note that the second version closes with [/t], and not [/t_pad]
All table code is closed with /t, /r or /c, no matter what it was that opened it.

t_pad is none-bordered, and gives a little padding, whereas plain is bordered without padding.

Next we'll move on to Cell styles.
There are two basic styles of Cell, Top-aligned, or "not Top-aligned!"
[c] is top aligned, whereas [c2] isn't.


A *
C *

As well as alignment, you can vaguely suggest background styles. There are 6 to choose from, labelled _a to _f, which you can add to either c or c2 cells..

Style A
Uses the UserInfo Style
Style B
Uses the Post Style
Style C
Uses the Alternative UserInfo Style
Style D
Uses the Alternative Post Style
Style E
Uses the theme from the Wednesday Workshop Info box!?
Style F
Uses the theme that used to go around News items on the frontpage!!

Be aware that the end result depends on the user's theme.

Possibly Useful Leftovers


Initially created for the purposes of letting folk create fancier Showcase pages, this was inevitably lost when I realised that Touchscreen devices don't "do" hover..

The functionality is still in here, though, so feel free to use it, but be aware that it doesn't always fit properly on the user's screen. It's messy!!

How To Use
Insert a link with the [hoverpop=1]HoverPop[/hoverpop] BBCode, and elsewhere include the area which should appear whilst hovering over the hoverpop content, wrapping it in [popthis=1]PopThis[/popthis] BBCode.

-->First Hover<--

-->Second Hover<--

Tabbed Post Content

Tabbed post content isn't entirely finished, so if you decide to use it, be aware that it might not be entirely functional. I gave up working on it fairly early in development, but the general gist of it does indeed work.

How To Use
To create Tabbed Content, you should first create a series of Tabs.
[tab=1]Tab Name[/tab]
is the format, and supports any number of tabs.. I think.. Although I've barely tested it!

Once you've set up your tabs, start creating the content by placing sections of your post inside [tabbed=1] sections.

The following section is made up using this BBCode.

Tab One | Tab Two | Tab Three

This is the content for Tab One.

Internal Leftovers


Subscribe to Socoder Newsletter

Inserts a "Subscribe to the Newsletter" box. This purely exists for the purposes of having it appear in the newsletter. I don't expect it to get any further use!


Socoder used to have a Suggestion box. The box allows folk to post suggestions, which get logged into an ever expanding text file.
If I remember correctly, we used to use it for Wednesday Workshop suggestions..
I'm honestly not sure. The text file is full of random suggestions, dating from July 2009 to May 2010, then abruptly ends.

Image Floating

[img_l] and [img_r] can be used to float an image to the left or right of your post.
You should be aware that these automatically become "imgs", so you won't be able to add links to them.



Moaning and Ranting are frequently a large part of Socoder life, so it's only fitting that there be moan and rant tags.

[moan]Adds Mushrooms to your Moan[/moan]
|moan| Adds Mushrooms to your Moan |moan|

[rant]Adds Rage to your Rant[/rant]
|!!ARGH| Adds Rage to your Rant |ARGH!!|

If the user is logged in, their name appears here.
I honestly can't even remember why I added this!


Who doesn't love cats!?

MP3 Audio

Although Socoder does include the ability to link nicely to MP3 files, don't damn well overdo it!!
: Download



Saturday, 19 October 2013, 12:57
I would like a BBCode for when one is having a lightbulb moment.
Saturday, 27 June 2015, 04:07
Steve Elliott
I would like a full page code block pls
Saturday, 27 June 2015, 06:02
Did you know that you can click the little arrow on the bottom right, to expand the code box to a larger size..?
Is that enough, or did you want even more?!