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Learning to Play Piano

7th July 2024

Is 44 years old too late to be learning how to properly play piano?
Spurred on by a series of events that started with an Echo (echo), I've now bought a half-decent-sized KORG MicroAir 49.
Truth be told, the keys are still a little stumpy.. Maybe I s*snip*


The Old MacMini

9th May 2024

For a few months I've been trying to figure out the best way to do daily backups.
My NAS is attached to the secondary router, but leaving the two switched on 24/7 seems somewhat redundant, especially when you consider that the secondary router isn&#39*snip*



13th April 2024

Feeling quite proud, today. This morning's walk to Tesco and Back has popped my annual steps over the 77,000 mark.
77,877 is the number of steps I managed over the whole of 2013.
And it's only April!!!
I've also managed to *snip*


Windows Upgrade

24th January 2024

Part One today. Should've been yesterday, but we're in the middle of a ruddy great storm, and they opted to leave it a day.
Today's upgrades were...
Out the back..
They replaced the sliding patio doors with nice big french doors, and replac*snip*


Diabetic Eye Screening 2024

8th January 2024

''Diabetic Eye Screening at the Meeks Building''
And once we figured out what the hell the Meeks Building was, and how the smeg to get in, we then spent the past couple of days deciding whether to..
A ) Get a Taxi
B ) Get me *snip*


Ordered Food

13th November 2023

First proper Fast Food night, in the .bungalow, tonight.
The pizza place is right around the corner, and we did our normal pizza-place order.
Chicken wings and garlic mushrooms for mum
Kebab, wedges and jalapeño poppers for me.
Nom nom.
The c*snip*

Latest Showcases


Blockman Blast

21st January 2024

Blockman returns with an all new ability.
Gobble enough pellets and he can blast a hole through the maze to help grab a few more pellets.
Eat them all to complete the level.
Rinse repeat.



31st December 2023

Q-Billy takes a turn at the cubes


Moon Debris

19th November 2023

Blast away the moon debris and gather up some crystals along the way


Friday Night Bubble

11th November 2023

Frantic bubble bursting mayhem


Greenie's Heroic Adventure

7th October 2020

Find the Disks, and rescue them from dampness.


JNKPlat 2018

2nd October 2018

Platdude's stuck in the dungeon again!