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Created : 01 June 2007
Edited : 01 June 2007

The making of Wolfie

Night of Hairy Beasts

The Making of Wolfie

when the moon is full and bright
the wolf comes out tonite...

this is a few lines from the old Universal movie
of one of my favorite movies...the Wolfman. It starred Lon Chaney, JR. and the makeup to transform Talbot, played by Lon Chaney, into the wolfman was painstaking slow but was
a miracolous breakthrough into special effects for its time.

In honor for the Wolfman...my favorite movie monster
I decided to do a 3d animation sequence of the wolf man.
Gathering the royalty free materials was the easiest part
of the project. The storyboard design was easy but is an ongoing rpocess.
I loaded up and went thru the basic animation sequences
of Wolfie. Which is a free Quake model to use. Tris.md2
as well as the texture skin: wolfskins.jpg.
There were a few animation sequences that caught my eye
to use in the project. A defensice crouching sequencing and a rising up and howling sequence. There are a few other sequences I will definitely use as I expand and modify the project.
The controls were simple enough...Left and Right arow keys to rotate Wolfie. The Up arrow key for the 'howling'
sequence and the Down arrow key for the 'crouching defense'
sequence. um..cough Esc key to end program, of course.
I was bringing this design,code and project to fruition
while I was listening to White Zombie's "More Human than Human" I decided to add the music or similar music to this
design. So I used a royalty free midi song of "More Human than Human". I also incorporated a howling wolf sound too.

I tell you all, the hardest part believe it or not
was incorporating and timing the howling sound and the midi music to the 3d code.
It took me almost 7 hours. Yes, 7 hours to time,coordinate
the music and the howling effect of the wolf. Just the howling wolf animation sequence. I had to time the rising of Wolfie when he rose up and started to howl. And also
when he came back down and returning him to the default idle status sequence.
With the mechanics of this sequence in place and from testing with pressing the Up arrow key numerous times. Then, I had to go back and tweak and modify the sequence.
To get intended moods and atmosphere that I wanted when
a person presses the UP arrow key.
Same could be said when pressing the other control keys
too. That taking most of my time in the project...I now
added the background music. After adjusting the delay and speed of the music. It was still missing something.
So, I added an intro picture of the Wolfman. And also added some text of this being Wolfie and at the bottom a dedication name of Lon Chnaey, Jr.
I added this intro picture...for sure to honor Lon Chaney, Jr. But also to spruce up the design and also give time for the midi music to load in and for more of a delay effect too. Sorta like a game start menu intro.

I gave the project to a few friends here. But, I'm not fully done with my Wolfie yet. I want more of a darker and eerie perhaps scarier atmosphere and mood.
But now, I'm getting interested in doing another 3d design or project. It will involve a simple dance and with some music too. I will call it:

Kiwi and Porkchop: cross dancing of species.

okay here is a link of the program that I attached
on another site. And Jay, attaching programs within posts would be a cool feature here.