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Created : 30 June 2007

Basic Animation in 3D Studio Max Tutorial

A small article I wrote over at syntaxbomb, which I'd like to share here.



Saturday, 30 June 2007, 17:23
Trooper David
Damn!! I love this too. I forgot all about this tutorial. Do you think this would work as well for Blender? Hmmm
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 08:20
Interesting. It's even more interesting how many people can afford 3DS Max -_-
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 08:38
power mousey
can you model a Transformer?

I prefer an Autobot.
But, I'll take a Decepticon too.

and Victory to Optimus Prime
Friday, 06 July 2007, 13:38
I never mentioned I could afford it, I mentioned I use a laptop, that is used by my brother, who is a surveyor for the royal engineers and he receives a suite of Autodesk software and it just so happens, the suite contains everything (apart from Maya, which is a shame)

Read the article f4ktor before thrashing it with a pseudo 'your a pirate' comment!

Thank you

Friday, 06 July 2007, 14:37
power mousey
thats really intesting Dabz.

Your modeling and the circumstances underrlying
using 3ds Studio on your brothers laptop.

My best friend, used to use 3ds Studio a lot.
He used to work in a computer store...selling software,
building and repairing computers too. Upgrading existing
customers computers too. Both a tech and a salesman.
He got paid for his job. And for awhile some of which was
a plan to purchase and use 3DS Studio too. He had to sell
x number of software and/or build+repair x number of computers. In other words, it was part of his paycheck per week to use and eventually buy 3DS Studio.

and oh man!!, what an artist he was using 3ds Studio.
Flying cows and Budweiser beer cans too.
Star Wars docking bays, ty fighters, even the DeathStar.
He was obviously into Star Wars. Even, for my birthday he made a fantasy castle for me...landscape and all. Even a flying red dragon too.
He used to be in the Grateful Dead and draw and model drawings that Jerry Garcia used to for some of the cover album and cd label art.
He even made a short movie of himself and another friend being shrunken down and sucked inside a pentium. And then a virtual tour of the components and circuitry of the pentium CPU.

WOW!! and whoaaaa!!

power mousey