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power mousey
Created : 10 December 2007

My haircut

Marge Simpson and her hairstylist.

I finally got my haircut. I got it a few days ago and over
at Supercuts. When my hair goes down below my neck and especially when I'm eating hair...its time for that clean cut.
So, I went over and across the Oakridge Mall to the Supercuts place to get my hair cut. Its kinda convienent too because to my left is a Round Table Pizza and an Allstate Insurance building and a few other buildings too.
And behind those buildings and rooms is the Oakridge bowling plaza. yay!! for bowling and arcade games too.

So here I was going to get my usual haircut and shampoo too. However and oh oh!!...my 2 hairstylists or hair cutters
were on vacation or shopping. Neither of the ladies were there. So, I had to go with a new hair cutter. Rats!!
I was kinda nervous and uncomfortable for awhile.
Yet, I was friendly and polite and this new person was too.
One thing that kept me going and I guess was kinda for entertainment and pass the time away while I was getting my haircut. And, perhaps as a defense mechanism was suddenly
I started thinking about the Simpsons for what reason I don't know... But I took my feelings and perspectives of this current situation at Supercuts and a story formed with visual imagery in my mind of

Marge and her hair stylist

Watching and creating the mini cartoon on the fly
and how she would feel and react to getting a different hair stylist as well.
Pretty good story, if I say so myself.

I know its weird but hey you create and concoct stories from almost anything...including real life experiences.