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power mousey
Created : 24 December 2007


Apologetics: is the branch of thelogy which defends and proves the truth of Christian doctrines.

In my case, its the defending the truth of the matter
and proving an alleged account and resolving the matter if true.

I am sorry if I have come across as moody...in a bad mood...which I have been at times. I lost my job a few months ago, my kitty kat Lissie died a few months ago,
still waiting for a few things/promises that haven't
materialized but should have, and a few other concerns and matters too.
I'm sorry and I ask for forgiveness.

Yet, I have some things to say and a favor to ask of all
or most of you too. Which of you have been in bad or upset moods? And also these kinds of moods came out on purpose or even subconsciously in some of your posts and replies??
Have any of you had disagreements or even misunderstandings among others here or even with family and friends...but you let bygones be bygones and forgive? And /or take the matter up and go the person with the misunderstanding or disagreement and try a few times to resolve the issue or matter at hand?

I just ask you all a favor.
If you have a misunderstanding(even alledged one) with me or I with you...please come to me first. Hopefully, by way of email or PM. And hopefully we can resolve the conflict or alledged conflict.
I will do the same...and have been doing it and
all along too.

Thank you.



Tuesday, 25 December 2007, 17:16
Sorry to hear about your job and your cat. I know you'll be able to muster something, and I wish you good luck on the hunt for a job.
Wednesday, 26 December 2007, 15:44
power mousey
thank you.

if I have to dig ditches and use that muscle
I will. Now, its just a matter shaking the house
and rebuilding the foundations.
Tearing down the walls of my Jericho...crumbling
those comfort zones.
Being in manufacturing at IBM and then Hitachi
for well over 10 years. And taking a long,deserved
rest and vacation for 2 months.