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power mousey
Created : 04 January 2008

My Start on the DS...

Last night or actually the early morning
I started researching and reading up on the Nindento DS.

I first started with the link Spinal gave me.
It was good he pointed me in the right direction as far
as the hardware and operation of the unit was concerned.
Yet, it seemed vaulting cause it seemd complex and I
want to relearn some of the technical aspects of this unit
and a few other units in the future.
So keeping this as a reference I started out with something
more simpler. "Introduction to the Nintendo DS"

here are a few links:




there is even a youtube video to the introduction of the Nintendo DS. I will definitely get around and even patiently await for the thing to load up on the snail AOL to view and watch as well.

Just want to get an overview and some of the history
and technical aspects of the machine, before I go further and deeper into the hardware and eventually and gradually
into the software and game and app development.
Just want to become more familar and comfortable with the unit.



Friday, 04 January 2008, 12:07
power mousey
so, back to my research.
Besides its still storming or raining hard
and not really going outside for long while.

I'll load up the you tube video too.

View on YouTube
Sunday, 06 January 2008, 06:21
Yo! Wazzup?
Animal Crossing WW rules

Brain Age does too

New SMB rules

Never heard of the other one o.O
Sunday, 06 January 2008, 08:56
power mousey
I haven't either, Yo.

that Animal Crossing looks fun
and addicting.
Sunday, 06 January 2008, 09:30
That other one "Trauma Center" is quite a nice game. Pass through each level by performing the surgery required, in the time alloted, without killing the patient.
It was also redone for the Wii, too.
Sunday, 06 January 2008, 12:52
power mousey
hey Jay, I might get that.
But knowing me...
I'm more on the juicy internals of the beastie
and its cousin as well: the Game Boy Advance.

I give credit where credit is due
so I thank you, Spinal, and also dij over
at syntaxbomb.
here is an interesting link:


I'm on Chapter 2. Game Boy Architecture in a Nutshell.
Interesting chapter. I then may jump to the chapter on assembly language primer to the ARM7 processor.

new editey: another good,good site
is www.aaronrogers.com/ham/downloads.php