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power mousey
Created : 31 January 2008



lines drawn and topics posted and replied.
Monitored for on topic-ness and checked and filtered
for any violations of the TOS.
Easatee. Easatee. E-asa-teeeeeeeee

Bill woke up from a strange dream about monitoring
posts and topic replies. Nothing strange about that. He is an assitant adminstator of some discussion boards and gets paid quite well. He just dosed off for a cat nap...but was longer than expected.
What was really strange was to find himself..his mind inside a discussion board that he adminstrates all the time.
But what was more strange was a poster or respnse kept coming up in his dream that said Easatee.
What does that mean? And who sent it and keeps posting it
and why?

Bill stumped and still weirded out from the dream quickly
did a google search on the the word. The results immediately came up on his screen as:


He looked further and read thru the phrase and surprislingly the word "easatee" came up. He tied tot ranslate the language but couldn't. He wasn't very good in Spanish back in his high school days. He even wondered what this language is. And what the phrase was saying.

"Now what does lonto mean?", he asked.

He thought about it for some time and even researched it too. He treid to ignore this word lonto but it kept coming back to him and haunting him. Even causing him to obsess witht he meaning until the mystery of he definiyion is revealed.
He did remember in college in his philosophy studies that
lonto describes the presentation of self refence and that transcedence holds by definition as does closure. Ahhh,
the structures of paradoxes of self reference.

But, could there be more to this lonto?