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power mousey
Created : 17 February 2008

Titan Quest

Last night, I have finished Titan Quest. The demo of Titan Quest. Wow!, what a game.

Such an involving game and lots of quests...those of the main quests and those of the side quests. Never have I seen so many since the days of playing the Might and Magic series and also and especially Divine Divinity.

The graphics were lush and lavish and very lifelike.

I love the music and sounded as such as Grecian at times.
As well as it did set the mood and amosphere at the time...depending upon where I was and the quests I was doing too.

I loved the game interface, level up system, and skill and attribute point system. It was similar to Diablo 2, Divine Divinity, and Sacred. Also, the inventory window could've been bigger but I really liked it and the system of items,weapons,armor,potions where they could be either broken, common, magical, rare, epic or in purple as a main quest item.
The use of alt key was really good inorder to see all the items that I found to pick up or droppend by fallen enemies.

I saw the game over at GameStop. It was a two for one with the the oriignal Titan Quest and the expansion pack. All for a little over $20.

The ending of the demo came when I defeated Nessus, the Centaur war leader causing havoc to the soldiers and citizens of Sparta. After I defeated Nessus, I was granted
an audience with the Spartan General Lacodenoius. He told me he didn't know where all these monsters were coming from but to visit the Oracle of Delphi for the answer.
And to seek out Margenea and her friend Timmus for the proper offer ing for the Oracle.
After, that I got a CONGRATULATIONS window and a congratulatory thanks for playing the demo and it was completed. Again, this game is so engaging and involving.
I just like it.