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Created : 25 July 2008
System : Mac

Janice Williams

Launch of her new website

As I am such a nice person I decided to help out my girlfriends mother by creating her website for her.

After she graduated from Exeter University last year (studied photography) she has always wanted to have her own website but had a substantial lack of knowledge about how to hit the web.

So as I said, I am a nice person and decided to help her out without making and profit.
The only money I asked was that enough to cover the hosting + domain registration.

I only started the website early this week so it is still very much in it's early days of development and there is no database interaction at all.
All user input is stored into flat files with no processing of the data.

The website is: www.janice-williams.com

If you have any ideas feel free to message me.



Saturday, 26 July 2008, 02:17
Always nice to know that some folk won't rip off other people just to make a website! Well done!

In my opinion, such a small site as that really doesn't need more than a flat file. No need to go overboard, keeping things simple is usually best.

If you can implement a BBCode style parser into the mix, you'll find it even easier to edit the plain files.

Also, if you could add some kind of input/save (ie, the boxes on this site are nothing more than plain HTML text area), with a special login for Janice, I'm sure you can even let her make her own edits to the pages in future.

And, I'm not sure if it'd help, but if you head over to Blogspot, you could register her an account, set it to save to the server, and implement that into the mix, too..

But so far so good.

Welcome to Socoder!