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Created : 05 December 2006
Edited : 05 December 2006

gamebuilder compound

During the process of writing the 'compound' tool for the gamebuilder, I've made a few models:

The house and car are based on textures I found on the internet. The house is a cube and a prism combined, the car is an extruded mesh, the wheels are extruded too and they rotate. All meshes, except the house, are animated.



Tuesday, 05 December 2006, 17:29
power mousey
this is so weird. the mousey likes it.

a flock of loony birds too. ahhhhhh!!!

but, what is this gamebuilder? as well as compound tool?

Wednesday, 06 December 2006, 04:55
How is your game builder going? I liked the little modeling prog for it you put on CW. If you need testers....
Thursday, 07 December 2006, 13:45
power mousey

again, I like your models.
but what is this gamebuilder? can you tell a little bit about it?

if so....cool
if not...then, um never mind.

new edity current--> I'll don my white leotards, black cape and boots, and world war I flying ace cap and fly over to Xgamestation as Captain Flash. Then as a lazy sluggard...lay on my bed and daydream.

power mousey
Thursday, 07 December 2006, 14:43
Thanks mike_g, I would like that. And thank you too mousey. I hope you read this tomorrow then. BTW, congratulations on the hydra The program from CW was indeed a part of this same gamebuilder. Now there is some sort of logos like programming language, a animation/modeller and a level designer. I wanted to write an easy program that includes all the aspects of gamebuilding. The program is indented for my gamebuilding classes that start in January. I can't really say how long it will take to make everything .. usable, especially now with the holidays. If I can work on it the entire time, it would be about 2 weeks, me tinks.
Here is how the 'compound' tool looks:

Thursday, 07 December 2006, 17:31
power mousey

thats one hell of a beautiful thing.

are you going to offer it for purchase as well. this thing looks awesome. serious.

sorry, bram32. I would've responded earlier but I fell asleep more. Oh well...I'm a night person. I work on the night shift at my job. 10:00pm to about 5:00am are normal active hours for me here. Not the early afternoon of 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

thank you, on the congrats. I will be getting the Hydra console from my family soon. I do have the book and 2 extra 128k game cartridges. I know a lot more of the hardware...some of the Hydra and some of the propeller chip.
Yet, my magical mystical insight is telling me that my family is really going to get me a laptop instead...or even both. But my insight on this...is a topic for another discussion.
Also, look out for the up n coming Hypercube for next year.
The XGS 2: Hypercube.

powerful cheers from mousey (^._.^)
Friday, 08 December 2006, 08:55
Thanks mr Power the background was inspired by "Mayhem in Monsterland" from Apex. I didn't play it much, because I had only a free demo that came with a magazine, but I was stunned by the graphics. They were quite something for the C64. About the license, I'm not sure what to do with the program. It was intended to be freeware. However, I've been working on it since November last year. But if I sell it, it has to compete with other software out there, and I don't think it can. So, the idea now is to make it a freeware program for individuals, and if schools want to use it, they should buy a license. For the holidays, I hope you get the Hydra. However, I have a laptop myself, and it is really nice. I allways thought that when I would have a laptop, I would go out into the forest and start programming there. However, in practice, it only lasts for 2 hours without electricity. Now I only gotten as far as the shed in the garden with it. Which was nice too (: