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Created : 09 July 2011
System : Windows

Learners cramp

I just need to vent a little. I'm basically taking a third crack at learning C++ and blast it's slow goings. I'm a very hands on learner so i learn best when i can apply something directly.
I studied AC electrics a few weeks ago, but that was doable because i could use the the math to engineer my future projects, even if i can't start coiling wire right now i can apply the theory.
This programming is driving me nuts though. First they give you cut and paste functions so i can repeat what i've seen but damned it i understand it. Then i'm learning all this complicated crap that i couldn't apply even if i understood it. file I/O for example. I can't write code long enough to make it useful and even if i did i'd use it like once per holly flipin' long program.
It's like learning french was you have to go through a month of mind numbing what the heck is everyone talking about before you can even communicate a simple idea, and it doesn't get fun for half a year. UGH..



Saturday, 09 July 2011, 16:05
Yeah, it's definitely a case of "up until that point".. If the point hasn't happened yet, then there's just more of the same.
But all it takes is one little thing to click.
Once that one piece falls into place, the rest of it will follow.

I hope it clicks soon!

Keep us posted
Sunday, 10 July 2011, 08:31
C++ is very low-level. Not only do you have to code your program logic, you essentially have to code the framework to make that logic run.
It's bloody annoying.
Once you have built a good framework, or use someone else's framework and actually understand how it works, it'll get much nicer.
But I can't be arsed and favor higher-level languages, myself.
Sunday, 10 July 2011, 11:33
Ce n'est pas simple. Vous allez ce obtenir. It took me a year, but at least I can create a simple sentence. It's the same with coding. (obtenir probably isn't the right verb there, but it's only been a year ^^)
Monday, 11 July 2011, 03:01
In my experience, pointers is one of the biggest barriers to grasping C++. Once you understand pointers, the rest becomes kind of easy.
I would recommend that you consider learning C# first though. It'll help you understand OOP concepts much faster.
True, you can program without the use of OOP in C++, but seeing as C++ was originally conceived as a sort of 'OOP extension' to C, there's not much point to it.
C++ has a ton of OOP-related features such as classes, templates and operator overloading.
Monday, 11 July 2011, 13:02
Speaking of pointers... Does anyone know of a good tutorial on them? </hijack>
Monday, 11 July 2011, 14:01
Tuesday, 12 July 2011, 11:22
to CodersRule: Wow someone actually speaks french. I thought I was the only one left in the world. By the way obtenir is the perfect word, in fact it's almost cliche, just drop the ce in front of it. Vous allez obtenir. I've heard frenchmen use that exact phrase

Merci pour le recomfort. Ca va bien maintainant. J'ai avrive a le "that point" come Jayenkai a dit.
Tuesday, 12 July 2011, 20:31
Ooh, I actually understood most of that.
That goes for both the pointers and the French sentences. xd