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Trooper David
Created : 30 June 2007

Over Dose

Hiya people
Well, the other day, while writing a post at syntaxbomb.com, I got a disturbing knock at my door. It was my next door neihbor. And he needed help with his 21 year old son Tom.
Tom Sr, was watching t.v, when he realized his son Tom was in the bathroom too long. He got off the couch and went to the door and knocked. After a few knocks, he heard a gurgle of some sort, and ended up kicking in the bathroom door, only to find Tom on the floor. Sr says his eyes were rolled to the back of his head, while he was lying on the floor with a hyperdermic needle next to his arm.
Sr being smart, he didnt hesitate and went to dial 911. After he got the call through, he ran to my place, and retrieved me. Usually 99% of the time I have my medical crap I keep in the back of my squad and take them home after work. Im glad I had my stuff. I was an E.M.T in 1992. So some knowledge is still there.
After getting my stuff, I was doing my thing to help Tom. It seemed like an eternity, but was only 5-6 minutes of CPR, when the Fire Dept, showed up. They finally took over, cause damn, I was outta breath and compresions. The EMT(ALS-paramedics) took over after they arrived.
Well unfortunatly after everyones attempt at saving Tom, it seems heroin won. Tom died at the hospital for overdose. There was nothing anyone can do.
I wasnt very close to these people, but they were nice when I saw them. It doesnt bug me the fact I didnt know them. It bugs me cause he was only 21 years old. I mean, when can society say..."HEY!! I DONT NEED DRUGS OR ALCHOL!!" Why do people HAVE to drink, or why does anyone HAVE to do drugs. Why cant people just face the problems of everyday living without the acts of mind alterering substances?
Anyway, anybody reading this, and you know someone who has a drug problem or a drinking problem, help em'. Just try. Im not saying you have to go to great lengths. Im just saying, try. YOU could be the one, that happens to spark something in somebody'd eyes. I personally think people with bad drinking or/and drug problems, have TOO much on there plate and cant handle it. They need somebody to show them the light. Peace.



Saturday, 30 June 2007, 23:40
It's a sad story but it's good that you shared.

I'm not against drugs or alcohol as an occasional recreational use, but using them to forget your problems usually just makes them worse.
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 06:37
Trooper David
I hear ya. I remember the days I played around with the stuff. And because of a bad sittuation, I stopped. Maybe Im just one of the lucky ones. Maybe I stopped so others can hear me. Not sure. Im not normally against certain things, JUST because. I have reason behind it. AND, I do agree with what you say, really I do, I just think a drug and alchol should be made, that is a great HIGH, without all of the bad reprecusions (spelling?)
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 06:55
I'm going to suggest a stop to the whole "Drugs : Good Vs Bad" thing, because we do have a handful of youngsters on the forum..

"There's a time and a place for that, and it's called College." : Was that Family Guy? Can't remember..
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 16:53
Trooper David
Ok, is it possible we can delete this topic? The age of some here slipped my mind. I do Appoligize. And if you give me a minuite, I will remember where you heard that. I do know it wasnt family guy.
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 16:55
Trooper David
South Park by the way. Thats where you heard it. The chef explaining it durring the cut of mikes (censored)
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 17:34
Aah, yeah, that's the one.

I'll leave your blog post be. It's a shocking tale!

How's Tom Sr holding up, btw?
Sunday, 01 July 2007, 18:30
Trooper David
Really havnt had time to speak to him face to face. Being tied up (work overload) I really should take a moment to talk to him.

I actually took a few moments to myself (rare) to overlook a program I downloaded a week and a half ago. I downloaded Blender. I really like it. But I ran into a prob lastweek, and havnt adressed it yet. The prob is, even though it exports 3ds format files, it doesnt work. I wanted to start seeing some models into Blitz3D that I personally create. But when I went to save it as a 3Ds file, it says its a script error. I dont understand this.
Monday, 02 July 2007, 11:51
I don't think its a good idea to delete this, it would be no different than censoring. I've run into people with these problems that are all but 11 years of age, so I think its better that they read and understand real examples off the bad reprocussions that can insue from making such choices.

I have a lot of respect for EMT's; I was certified in first aid/cpr/AED by one and he had a broad collection of stories about some of the situations he got in.
Monday, 02 July 2007, 13:44
power mousey
Before working at Hitachi,

I was a food server/orderly/dish washer....
actually 'jack of all care taker trades' at Cedar Village.
A Nursing home for senior citizens.

Being certified in first aid/CPR was a definite
requirement and very helpful and useful. I still remember
some of the procedures and policies too.
They have come in handy. True.
Monday, 30 July 2007, 15:06
Although I have not smoked for about 8 years now, I don't have anything against people that smoke Canabis at the weekend. But Pills, powders and jacking-up is bad news.