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Posted : Tuesday, 05 March 2013, 19:39
I am a musician that is a electronic master of the abyss i wish to bring the satisifaction of ears to your game via telepathic mind control/ creating the finest dedication of different musical styles fit to function under the correct setting to the game that you are creating, you are making a scary game I will make a BOO! song If you make a fire level I will make a hot hot hot song. If you make a sex game I will make porno music for you even. I have gotten outstanding reviews from GRANT KIRKHOPE OF banjo kazooie and ONE OF THE founding members of KMFDM. they said i make good industrial that is kinda like NIN.... here is some demos for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcMnLILwqns https://soundcloud.com/fearband/haveurnormal-1 https://soundcloud.com/fearband/sets/f-e-a-r-why-ep-1 https://soundcloud.com/fearband/f-e-a-r-intro-record-time https://soundcloud.com/fearband/f-e-a-r-ology-metal-kinda
Posted : Tuesday, 05 March 2013, 20:07

Edit: Going by your music and behavior in youtube comments, I wouldn't want your music even if it were good (it isn't, you need a lot more practice) just because you behave like a 12 year old with a bad attitude. Really, you need to work on both your attitude and skills. Someone who writes, quoting you, "Oh wait lets look at his profile for a second. THE USED. THE FUCKING USED WHAT THE FUCK MAN are you trolling me?" isn't ready for work. You don't even have the chance to say that you wrote those comments a long time ago and that you've improved, either, considering at the time of this writing, that comment is 2 hours old.

Tell you what, learn to accept negative feedback, criticism, and so on, improve your music, and then try to get work. As is, you're not even remotely cut out for this.
Posted : Tuesday, 05 March 2013, 21:28
Was this supposed to be funny? :|

Anyways- I had a listen as well. I can definitely hear the industrial influence, but I just don't know if it fits into a video game environment. I guess if I were making "Industrial Misadventures Part 2: The Reznorection of Trent", sure. I'm not saying it's bad- I actually dabble a lot in sound engineering myself, and it has a rather unique and thick sound, but it doesn't really give me an idea of any structure or feeling other than "Discordant"

On the subject of attitude... I agree with Cower- I'd be wary of working with you since you seem like a loose cannon. In a professional environment, What if one of us DID ask you for song, then told you it wasn't what We were looking for?

I'm however curious- Do you have any other sorts of work from your portfolio? You mentioned making any sort of music- Have any of that on-hand?

I am Busy Mongoose - My Website

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Current Project: Pyroxene
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 13:48
Cower never judge a book by its cover. I wish to bring a point from my personal stand point. I was just defending myself he came to my page and said a statement to just attack me. I was trying to defend myself from this attack, when you are lookin for work on the internet that is detrimental to your ability to find work. Now that being said, I like to defend myself in a different point of view I like to totally either dominate my opponents or overhwelm them, you might see it as immature or whatever but look i got the job done right he left and never returned. I counter acted his statement by stating every flaw with what he is and like i said he was overwhelmed. So sorry for showing that side to me its just when I am in defense mode i do not back down for no person. My personality is very passionate and random. I do not back down, i do not censor my thoughts i say whats on my mind. You were more mature with this type of criticism so i will address you in another type of manner. Most people will be like eww yuck i cannot deal with that. Those people always back down. But for the people that do they just get cool shit from me you know? Would you not want a real person who talks to you on a real level then someone who will just put on an act. So once again cower sorry. I just hate people who judge man when they have no reason to. ALSO i think he might be kinda jealous of me because I have been getting more attention when his music is mediocre at best. Okay there you go.
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 13:55
Mog if you laughed then yeah its funny, but if you didnt and didnt like it then thats what it is =) Sorry if i bothered you. Is that your game name huuh? i like that hah. I wish to have that same sound. But I wish to do it kinda with distortions/ make it in a way its never been done before whether it be more aggressive, at a time I was wishing to mix the speed/ arpeggios/complexity of thrash metal mixed with the sounds of Pretty hate machine. I was doing a prototype of this when i first started messing around. I just love and am obsessed with that noise. Like i said to cower If its professional it stays professional you turn me down, i go away and I will root you on from the benches. and wish you the best of luck.
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 13:58
Mog again, give me a descriptive setting I will make something for your setting that you proposed.

Cower again, Look at my music first then what I am saying second. And sorry again. =( i feel bad now. I cannot help my passionate personality. Bye bye for now guys. Cannot wait to check out what i get from you.
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 15:37
I just listened to the YouTube, it sort of reminds me back to when I was 16 years old..., when I worked in a factory!.
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 16:01
Can you make a track with the rhythmic intensity of dubstep, the melodic superiority of, say, Johannes Brahms, and the polyphonic complexities of J.S. Bach, all with your signature industrialized sound? That's what I'm looking for.

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Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 23:21
@steve Good I am glad i can bring memories of the past to you, but like are they good or bad.
Posted : Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 23:24
why not blanko =)
Posted : Thursday, 07 March 2013, 04:06
fearband1 @steve Good I am glad i can bring memories of the past to you, but like are they good or bad.

Mixed feelings really.