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Created : 08 February 2018

#354 - News Riddle

Weekly Newsletter

; News Riddle

#354 - Friday 09th February, 2018

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Every Friday, *sigh*


Been spending most of this week looking after Mum, who's still not back to full health after having flu, a few weeks ago.
Her poor little ticker's not having a good time, and she's now waiting for an appointment for some kind of Gel-In-The-Heart test that should show any complications.
Some weeks are for coding, but I've been struggling to concentrate on anything decent this week.
Apologies if this week's newsletter is a little lackluster.
I'm currently lacing in luster!!


; Tiny Dislikey

Pico-8 user 'SkyBerron' has decided to attempt to recreate SpikeDislike using only 280 characters!

; First Proper C++ Game Test

Jay releases his first test release of Flappadiddle-Doo, written in his new C++ based Framework.
There's test versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, if you fancy giving it a test.

; Balls

Pakz shows off his balls.

; 'Homebrew Joystick'

I've not yet had time to listen to this podcast, but apparently Spinal gets a mention for the Joystick he recently built.


; SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

The Tesla/SpaceX teams launch a massive payload into space, and it's epic!!


; Bright Light

The screen on GfK's new laptop gets a little too energetic.

; Steaming

Not all games are equal.
Some are AMAZING!


; Ten Cups of Mostly Disappointment

Jay completes his quest to find the best flavours of the Beanies coffees.
He's decided that barely any of them are good for his post-op tastebuds, as most of them seem to have a little bit 'too much' flavouring in them.
They're ok, though, and are probably recommend them if you want a little variety in your daily brew.

; Pool on Switch

I've yet to properly play the game, but there's a slightly not-quite-Arcade-Pool game on the Switch.

; More Gas

Corner Gas returns, in just a couple of months, in an all new series of Animated Adventures!


; Mickey Unforgiving

Travellers Tales Guy continues to struggle to play his own game!

View on YouTube

; Best Audiobook

The verdict's in. This is definitely the best audiobook.

; Billy

Billy the Scot

; Kitty

Stomp on all those creatures!

; Mystery Line

What's the line?

; Celebration Lego!

JangBricks gets a lovely free Lego set!

; Building a Keyboard

Linus builds his own keyboard!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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