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Created : 21 December 2017
Edited : 21 December 2017

#348 - Festive News

Weekly Newsletter

; Festive News

#348 - Friday 22nd December, 2017

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Every Friday, Feeding the Reindeer.
A chore that comes but once a year.

Chapter One

Another Christmas comes around,
And at his keyboard, Jay is found.
Typing out another verse,
Which every year becomes much worse.

He’s worked quite hard at things this year,
With all the site rewrites he feared.
But thankfully it’s all complete,
SoCoder and AGameAWeek.

But sad to say, the final task,
Was harder than he dared to ask.
He tried to get the big domain,
But the bastard squatter did remain.

The fight goes on, but Jay must rest.
Preparing to be at his festive best.
With friends and family all around,
Happy Cheery Jay is found.

Chapter Two

Opening the door for a festive treat.
Jay found some Tea, and Jam to eat.
Rockford's gifts were not as yummy.
Bouncing 'round within his tummy.

The cursor pointing like a dart,
Is drawing festive Pixelart.
The coder's hand controls the mouse,
From deep within it’s Christmas house.

Chapter Three

Spinal played with his new toy.
A controller that he made with joy.
He built it up from lots of bits,
Meant for building arcade sticks.

Flapping 'round the room with glee,
Rychan remakes a game by me.
With lots of dodging flames and darts,
And landing on the safer parts.

Chapter Four

Dabz considers what to do.
A and B, or One and Two?
Using numbers can be fun,
When all the physics must be done.

Find a spot to hide the letter,
But HoboBen can hide them better.
Merging fonts upon themselves,
Like patterns made by tiny Elves.

Chapter Five

Turning on the new TV,
Festive treats for you to see.
But what to watch? I've no idea.
Why not check this topic, here.

A bathroom leak. The children Yelp.
Grandpa GifKy's here to help.
With all the water gushing out,
His Christmas Tree is wet, no doubt.

Chapter Six

Spinal's unsure if there were men on the moon.
A story he heard from someone who's a loon.
Conspiracy theories are best left to twats,
Who are running around in their tin foil hats.

The pounds in a stone, and the yards in a mile.
The numbers of old make the coders all smile.
They head for a pint at their favourite bar,
But the landlord serves litres, whatever those are.

Chapter Seven

Clive is having lots of fun,
Creating cards for everyone.
Lots of wires and batteries too,
And lights that shine for me and you.

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Heading back through time, once more.
We land in 1984.
With comfy chairs, and TVs primed.
Let's sit and watch a pantomime.

Festive Songbook

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; ALChoon


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Thursday, 21 December 2017, 08:18
That "Carol Of The Bells" vid doth shine
It's always been a fave of mine.

Friday, 22 December 2017, 07:18
Great NewsVerses.
Happy Holidays to all.