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Created : 04 January 2018
Edited : 04 January 2018

#349 - News Year

Weekly Newsletter

; News Year

#349 - Friday 05th January, 2018

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Every Friday, Except Last Friday


; Week Off

No newsletter, last week!?
Lazy Jay!

So, what's happened in the two weeks since the big Xmas newsletter?
Not much, if I'm honest.

I've had a well needed rest period, and haven't done an awful lot of coding.
And neither has anyone else, from the look of things.

Over the past couple of days I've started to get back into the swing of things, and am currently working my way through the big checklist of things I need to add to my new framework.
There's still a lot to do, but the list is gradually getting smaller, and thankfully it's still functional.
I still need to stress test it, and get it running on Mac/iOS/Android, but otherwise I'm fairly confident that it'll all be up and running before the end of the month.

I still intend to post it online, once it's ready, but it's gotten very 'JayCode' over the past month or so.
At this point I'm no longer sure if it's going to be any use to anyone but myself.
But for me it's working, and that's good enough

Next, I just need to make 100 or so games!


; Expanded Grid Pathfinding

When making the game Army of Flags, I came up with a cheap and lazy way to do enemy AI.
I've reused the method numerous times, since, and figured it was about time I posted about it.
Apparently it has many different names!!

; Tilemap Editor

Steve's continuing to build (and apparently rebuild) his Tilemap Editor.


; Reading Film

A story about a very old reel of film!

; The Big Intel Story

Massive security holes inside Intel chips?!
Although, this morning's news seems to be suggesting it may be more widespread than just Intel.
Time to stick a tin-foil hat on your CPU.


; Sprouts

Xmas has been and gone, and hopefully all the sprouts-farts are over and done with.
My cat's been avoiding my bedroom, all week!

; Easter

Since Xmas is such a long time ago, it's time to start thinking about Easter.
Hot Cross Buns, which last 2 or 3 days at the most, are already on sale.
They definitely won't last until Easter!!



It's all over the web, right now, but is it actually any good?
Or is it just that 'Millenials' never got to play a proper mod-filled FPS, like we had back in the days of Quake and Unreal Tournament.
You decide!

; Couch Coding

GfK's bought a laptop, and is doing some coding on the couch.
I'm definitely a fan of couch coding. My favourite hobby


; Beatmaking

Andrew challenges himself to make awesome!

View on YouTube

; Miami Nights

Kevin 'Incompetech' MacLeod creates a soundtrack for a completely fictional Miami Vice remake!

; World War Mario

The depressing tale of hats.

; Musical Interlude


; Shittiest Games of the Year

Jim's annual awards of crap!

; Musical Interlude


; Getting into Shape

Xmas is over. Time to trim those festive pounds.

; Video Card

Doing big video?
You'll need a bigger card!

; Not a Nintendo Switch

An Amstrad Switch...!??

Crazy Clown Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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Thursday, 04 January 2018, 03:26
Well worth the wait

Happy New Year every bods and peeps.