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Created : 25 January 2018

#352 - Want News Back

Weekly Newsletter

; Want News Back

#352 - Friday 26th January, 2018

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Every Friday, Heading to change the title of the newsletter, only to realise I'd already done it earlier in the week.


; Hello World

I don't know how widespread this issue is, but my laptop's soundcard keeps falling asleep.
When it's active, it's perfectly fine, but if you leave it silent for more than a couple of seconds, it'll go back to sleep.
Starting any audio will wake it back up again, but it takes about 2 seconds to do that, in which time whatever is trying to play the sound will stop and freeze.
Even a simple tap of a key on the desktop (which normally bleeps the Windows Alert sound) is delayed for a second or two.

It's not 'annoying', because most of the time you can just ignore it's oddness.

But when you're trying to edit audio, where you're constantly needing to play snippets, and then there's silence whilst you're editing... Then another gap when you try to play the next snippet..
It can be fairly frustrating.
Video editing is also annoying as hell, and Game Compiles gain an extra second when the game tries to load.

The other day, I realised that, since when you leave audio playing in the background it's fine, I could leave a completely empty .wav playing, and all would be 'workable'..
Sure enough, works a treat.

If you're putting up with a similar issue, you can find a giant 2 and a half hour long .wav file, over on my blog.



; Icon Resizer 2

Jay needs a tool to do all the icons and banners and headers and other crap, each week.
This is his latest version of that tool.

; Get To Da Choppa

TheRevillsGames releases a game he's made as a compo entry, over at SyntaxBomb.
It's a great little helicopter rescue game.
Simply save all your little friends without getting shot down!

; TeeBox

Rockford gets a box full of random T-Shirts!


; Friendly Robot Help

A Happy face when you’re out shopping.
'Where’s the cheese?'

; What a Whopper

Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality.


; AL Does a Singy Song

AL O'DARE gets a copy of Vocaloid, then goes totally frickin' crazy with it.
God help us all!

; The Cost of Driving

The government need ways to pay for the roads, but with the incoming switch to Electric vehicles, which no longer use heavily taxed fuel, how on earth will they find the money?!
You'd better pay all these taxes, or they'll start selling roads off to the highest bidder!!

; Star Trek Discovery

After a bit of a dull first-half, the second half of Discovery's first season sure has taken a turn for the better!


; This Week's Celebrity Deaths

This week saw the passing of both Howard Lee Lewis and Simon Shelton, neither of which you'll probably recognise by their names, but you more than likely know who they both are.

; The Inevitability of Unfinished Coding

We all know how this goes..
All development ends in a Crash!


; Sneaky Hacker Haunting

How to defeat, or at least annoy, Amiga hackers

View on YouTube

; Wheelie Great Fun

You don't need AI to drive badly.
Just add snow!

; Kryten Nom Nom

A man who plays a fake robot, eats a burger with fake meat.

; Musical Interlude


; What'd They Do To The Bru?

Chris finds out...

; PC jr

A nice complex look inside the failed IBM PC jr

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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