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Created : 01 February 2018

#353 - News Nobody

Weekly Newsletter

; News Nobody

#353 - Friday 02nd February, 2018

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; Hello World

Sorry this is slightly later than usual.
I spent hours, today, working on the AGameAWeek database.
In order to get everything up to date, content wise, I've decided to head right the way back to the very beginning and fix up all the links and images and everything, so that it all links properly together, and also does game-link type things whenever I'm blogging about specific games.
In all, it's going to be a massive overhaul of the database, and it's something I'm having to do manually, as there's no easy way around it.
Today, I made the start, and began from ?ID=1.
Hours later, I found myself at ?ID=100, and figured that was probably more than enough work for the day.

Along the way, I changed old iFrame-based Youtube HTML into BBCode Youtube links, removed tons of content that I'd posted to WordPress using Table html, deleted SO MANY links to RetroRemakes that simply no longer exist, and I fixed up loads of old Wed.Workshop links.
I also took some time to edit SoCoder's script a little so that some of the old Wed.Workshop links are once again working, although there's about 800 different link styles that I made for that thing! Good greif, the old site was a mess!!!

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all I got done, today, and I'm only up to ID=100.
The blog currently goes all the way up to nearly 5,500 pages of content, all of which will need just as much attention and tweaking.
It's certainly not going to be a quick trek to fix up the site, but it has to be done in order for the new Wiki site to properly link pages to games, and vice versa.

... Really not sure why I started doing this!!!
Bah, humbug!



; 10Dislyk

Jayenkai is challenged to write a classic 10-liner game, and opts to make the game he knows works best!
.. It doesn't work best as a 10-liner!

; Horizonal Hall with Rooms

Pakz continues to play with Generators, and makes a nice long hallway!


; Newbie's Game

New member jvdw007 enters the fray, and uses the site to advertise their latest game, written in Monkey-X (Ceberus edition)
Welcome the newcomer, and enjoy the game.
Hopefully they turn out to be a proper person, and not just someone coming along for a spam-session.


; Flap Happy

Rychan continues to build up his lovely NES Assembly based edition of Flappadiddle, and it's starting to get a bit of interest over on the Twittersphere!


; A Mario Movie

Will it good, or will it be a bucket of shit?
Or worse... As bad as the last one!

; Blue Peter 5000

BBC aired a nice special edition of Blue Peter, this week, with loads of old presenters showing up to celebrate the show's 5,000th episode.
A lovely special edition Blue Peter badge has also been created.
If you've got an original badge, you can fill in the form explaining why you deserve the special edition badge!


; GfK's Dashcam

After all the should he/shouldn't he, GfK finally picked a Dashcam.
The installation was completely flawless!

; Caffinating

Jay buys a pack of flavoured coffee sachets, and tries a different one each day!
Oh, the excitement!
(Spoiler : They're infinitely better than those shit Teas he had over Xmas!)


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; Bob!

LGR takes a look at Bob!

; Shopping Day

Linus goes shopping at the new Amazon Go.

; Musical Interlude


; Gotta Go Faster

Some people have nothing better to do..

; Phone Home


; Poor Man

Man isn't happy

80s Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Saturday, 03 February 2018, 03:40

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