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Created : 10 May 2018

#365 - News is in the Heart

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; News is in the Heart

#365 - Friday 11th May, 2018

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Every Friday, Searching for Feedback


; Hello World

I released my first, second, third and fourth 3DS Homebrew games, last week.
All the hard work trying to wrangle my normal Framework so that I can code for Desktop and run on 3DS.
It was an intense amount of work, but I finally pulled it off.

But, was it worth it?
After nearly 2 weeks since the first release, I’ve had practically no feedback whatsoever.
I was hopeful that by the time the second one was ready to go, I’d have had oodles of feedback to fix errors.
But had nothing.

Now with four games out the door, the lack of feedback is excruciating.

It's left me somewhat bitter about the entire experience, and perhaps a little unwilling to continue.
And yet, I do.
If not for others, then so I can damn well play my own games on my little handheld 3DS.

Screw 'em.
Like everything elseI seem to do online, I’ll do it By myself, For myself.

I’m just like The Little Red Hen.
Except I’m not a selfish bitch, afterwards, that keeps the cake for themselves.


; The Best!

What's the best thing you've ever worked on?
Tales of happiness abound!

; GB - Going Back

Rychan decides he's sick of struggling with NES ASM based stuff, and returns to the simpler world of Gameboy development.


; Wedding Bells

Spinal and Helen are getting married!!
Congrats to both.
The big day is set for Sept 20th.

It'll be a Thursday wedding, and according to this site, that means both losses and "a plenty catch"... obviously the two rhymes were written by arch enemies.
They also suggest that if you "Marry in September shrine, your living will be rich and fine.", so all is good!

As far as I can tell, 20th of September doesn’t seem to signify anything at all, in the world of Bill and Ted, so quite where Spinal pulled that date from, I’ve no idea.


; Dabz's Day

Happy Birthday, Dabz!
Dabz celebrates by attempting to get completely Blitzed.

; Noodles

Jay buys some noodles, and starts a Noodle Review thread, because he has fuck all else to do with his time.


; Twitter Fale

Date:Time > New User registered : Jayenkai : Using password "DIS15MYPasswORD"
As far as I can understand the report, that's more or less how Twitter's been doing it. All inside a great big unencrypted log file, that we're supposed to assume never got accessed.
Sure! Ok!!
Go change your password!!

Meanwhile, this company reports that they have to pull a game, because it'll cost them too much to conform with new EU Data Protection laws.
Can somebody, anybody, explain to me how you can lose THAT much money by NOT giving away your user's data, without making it sound like you aren’t already willingly selling that data to the highest bidder?
Because that's the only way I can see..


; How Much?

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Dance, Monkey. Dance!


; EuroMash


; Five!

Countdown to FUN!!

; Infinity War

...and beyond

; Science!

Could 2D life forms exist?

; Garlic Bread?!

Tom Scott and Barry Lewis send a Garlic Bread into space!
Cooking the Bread
Sending it up
And some epic raw footage...

Word of the Week

; Survival


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...aside : Good to know the Russians are preparing for the end of the world...!



90s Cover Corner

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Oh dear...

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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I like the comment "Who the fuck does a sing along with an orchestra?"





... and this is the official version from his Artificial Heart album. Highly recommended!

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