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Created : 15 November 2018

#392 - NewsShip Trooper

Weekly Newsletter

; NewsShip Trooper

#392 - Friday 16th November, 2018

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Every Friday, Making a Doodle


; Hello World

Been spending most of today, and yesterday, working on a GUI that would allow for Foldapuz puzzles to be played in the browser of a mobile device.
So far, it feels like it's doable, but I've yet to get to the load/save parts, and I expect those will be absolutely bloody horrendous!!
Still, can but try, right!?

I might need to work out a way to compress the scribbles a little, before attempting to store the data.
And where the hell WILL I store the data, anyway!?
Surely there are modern web-app places to store such things.

As per usual, I'm learning this stuff as I go..
The Javascript is a crazy mess, and anything could happen!!



Still not sure.
I keep wanting to do something for Xmas, but time and energy aren't the best things around the forum, lately.
Late Wednesday night I made a suggestion for an Advent of Creativity, but the post doesn't seem to have gone down very well!!
Afr0's piped up, but none of our regular crew have decided to post good or bad comments.

It's hard to decide on something that everyone will have the time to join in with. It seems unfair to say something like "make a Xmas game, you have all of December," when the amount of time people have in December will range wildly.
I had hoped that a smaller "something, anything, but small and daily.." premise would be a little more manageable. But I guess not.

The older we get, the harder it is to find something that works for everyone.

Post your ideas in the thread, and let's try to come up with something we can do as a community.


So... fuck

; RIP - Stan Lee

Creator of all your favourite comic book heroes, and general cameo guy, Stan Lee passed away, this week.
The worlds of comics, cartoons and heroes in general, are in mourning.

SoForthcoming Attractions

; Detective Pikachu

The trailer for the bizarro live-action Pokemon Movie has shown up, and .. well..
it looks good!

; Toy Story 4

A teaser to announce the creation of the fourth movie in the franchise.
Where on earth will they take things, this time?


; JNKPlat Release

Jay posts the "proper" release for JNKPlat 2018, with all 100 levels, and even a half-assed ending to try to find!!
Steve got a Wooly Jumper, but what else is there, Lurking in the dungeon?


; Kitty Cake

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude

The 8 Bit Keys theme

; Love Cats

A story of love


; Enigma

Science and History, all in one!

View on YouTube

SoBill and SoTed

; Wyld Stallyns

Spinal found this Bill and Ted game for Mobiles.

View on YouTube

; Bill and Ted

The Expedition Theme Park guy remastered his Bill and Ted Video

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



...but maybe not..


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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