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Created : 17 January 2019

#399 - Killing Me Newsly

Weekly Newsletter

; Killing Me Newsly

#399 - Friday 18th January, 2019

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; Hello World

Feels like I've mostly wasted the past few days,
I spent most of Monday trying to figure out Android C++ development, again. I thought I was actually getting somewhere, until I realised the tutorial I'd been following was actually just about Java, not C++.
I totally blame Google for a lot of these issues.
Lately, Google seems to randomly pick and choose which keywords it's going to bother to use when doing searches.
It's getting harder and harder to just search for the thing you've actually typed into the damn box.

So, most of that day's code went pretty much nowhere, and I'm right back at square one.
.. well, almost. I have at least compiled an .apk, albeit a simple hello world written in Java. I can hit "A for Android" in my Build.bat, and it'll manage to crate the folder layout, name the code bundle and use the folder's contents to compile the HelloWorld.apk
Now I just need to convert the c++ code, add that into the folder, and then it's smoooth sailing!!

.. Yup.. Easy!

Today, I wasted the day trying to make a Vexed/Puzzobomb Level Generator.
It "kinda" works, but the levels it's outputting are alarmingly simple.
I'm probably going to need another day or two to get it working at the quality that I'd like, and even then it's all written in BlitzMax, not my C++ Framework, so will only actually be used to pre-generate a bunch of levels.

This week really has been an exercise in getting nowhere, fast!



; Futrinos

Jayenkai kicks off another bloody year of his stupid AGameAWeek project.. Nutter!!
His first game is a sequel to 2015's Futrino, because he ran out of ideas a long long time ago.


; Ocean Book

The author of a fairly large Ocean history book has released the book for free, as a PDF.
Disclaimer : Ocean book is not about large bodies of water.


A new ZX Spectrum game, without Colour Clash!?!
What is this, 2019!?!?


; All About Time

Spinal ponders the complexities of time and space and the speed of light.
Is it all connected? Is light speed really the fastest we can travel? And what happens when we get there?

; Bungie Freefall

Bungie have left Activision.
I'm sure something interesting will come of that, but I'm probably not the best person to ask, as I haven't played a Bungie title since the first Halo!!


; GPDCase

Spinal searches for a case that might fit a GPDxd, in the hopes that he can neatly add a Wifi Charger to the device.
If you know of something that'll suit, do let him know.


; Smash

Yahtzee reviews Smash Ultimate

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Bones


; Half Life Movie News


; Musical Interlude


; Camp Kitty



; Snap, Crackle, Pop

Barry attempts to make his own Rice Krispies.

View on YouTube

; Holodecks

Are they worth the hassle?

Music Cover Corner

One Time

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Two Time


Three Time


TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 17 January 2019, 06:08
Sorry I've not been updating much, gym and working out has taken up a bunch of time of late, hope the Android C++ works out well dude