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Created : 21 February 2019

#404 - News Not Found

Weekly Newsletter

; News Not Found

#404 - Friday 22nd February, 2019

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Every Friday, writing the most obvious thing for the newsletter title.


; Hello World

I feel like I've barely seen SoCoder, this week.
Between trying to get my new Javascript Framework up and running, and fighting the fight against the Disability gubbins, as well as the continuing adventures of my Mum's 60th Birthday, there's barely been any time to stop and relax.

Over the course of Mum's 60th Year, we've decided that she'll be travelling across the country. One train journey each month, now that she can claim her Senior Railcard, and me being the Journey Planner, trying to find places she can go, which trains to catch, and what to see and do once she's there.

It's certainly taking a lot more effort than I was expecting.
Train journeys aren't something the Internet seems to cope too well with, with most destinations expecting you to roll up in a car.
"Our lovely hotel is only 5 miles from the nearest landmark!"... is bloody useless!!!

There needs to be some kind of mapping site, that can plan actual journeys and things without all the pissing about that I've been doing, making notes and having to cross reference every little thing.

Instant money maker..
Someone do that!!


; Fish By Numbers

Pakz makes a game in which you need to find the correct fish to catch, via the joyous wonders of maths!

; Solitaire

Jay gets far enough in his new JavaScript Framework that there's now a fully playable version of Spider Solitaire, as well as a halfassed word game.
A whole new place to experiment with coding!


; Paddington Series

There's going to be a new Paddington series, based on the popularity of the recent movies.
Within this topic, I noted that both the movies are available on Amazon Prime, and then was so busy, that I swiftly forgot all about them.


; RoboPorn

The AI is trying to disable us, by making us all super horny with their evil Porn!

This probably isn't the wisest idea.


; Rychan'll Fix It

Rychan decides to break out the toolkit in an attempt to swap the none-replaceable battery in his Sony Xperia.
If you've got any old broken phones, Rychan's more than happy to fix them all!


; Spicy Crisps

These sound like my kinda crisps!!

View on YouTube

; What is the LGR?

Mysteries revealed

; Musical Interlude



; All the Way

View on YouTube

; Wrong Way


; Via Twitter for iPhone

Disclaimer : I wrote this newsletter on an iPad.



Richard interviews Tim Vine

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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