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Created : 02 May 2019

#413 - Do You Remember the First News

Weekly Newsletter

; Do You Remember the First News

#413 - Friday 03rd May, 2019

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Every Friday, Remembering..


; Hello World

Another week, already?
It sure doesn't feel like a whole week since I last did this.
The forum's been a bit quiet this week, too.
I definitely need to come up with something to bring life back to the forum, but what?
A "proper" competition seems the best choice, but I absolutely hate that that kind of thing is uninclusive for what few regulars we have.

I really need to come up with something drastic.

Maybe we should have a "Post pictures of your feet" thread?



; The Name Game

Spinal wants to know if you have any suggestions for character names.
I've always been crap at coming up with character names, and tend to just randomly pluck out of thin air at the last minute.
Heck, sometimes I don't even bother giving my characters names, and then instantly regret it when I have to write a description for the game!!
"Bloke" didn't have a name for a good 3 or 4 games, until I decided he was called Roland.
.. But, what good names can you come up with?


; Paperboy

Steve posts a video from GDC in which Paperboy creator, John Salwitz, talks about his arcade classic.

; Musical Interlude

A curious number of 80s/90s artists have suddenly all made a comeback, seemingly at the exact same time.
A bit of an odd selection of artists, too!

; Rrruum, rrrrummm

Spinal sure loves motocycling. Motorcycling around. Some people like cycling on a normal bike, but not Spinal.
He says, why pedal round when you can have a bike that doesn't need to be pedalled? With all the engine and stuff in it.
Rrruum, rrrrummm.


; PIP Woes

Jay gets back his appeal notes, and they still say that he's perfectly fit and well to get out of the house.
Looks like a tribunal's in order.

; Lifelong

Rockford suggests a petition, asking the government to allow Lifelong Disability Claims.
These would forego the occasional reassessments, and allow people to simply get on with their lives.
This would be absolutely ideal for people who end up getting caught up in the insanity of these things, and would make life easier for everyone.
But.. You know that in our current climate, things will NEVER go that way!

; Meanwhile...

I phoned up CAB for advice, yesterday, only to be told that help would be severely limited, this time, due to the fact that most of the staff are no longer there.
The woman who helped me, last time, is thankfully still there, but her availability is limited by the amount of staff that aren't there.
The whole damn thing's an absolute shambles, and it's only getting worse with every passing day.

Today is voting day, and I'll be heading out in the pouring rain, to stick my mark on the "Fuck off, current government" box.
I hope you do, too.


; Oculus Quest

Oculus are ready to release their latest headset in a couple of weeks time.
The new device is entirely self-contained, so no god-awful wires to trail around.
Relying on internal cameras to see the world around you, and visually pick up where the two handsets are, the device is getting all manner of rave reviews around the net.
It certainly looks like they've done a good job.
Will you be picking one up?


; Happy Music Video

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude

Every YouTube channel's favourite musician.

; Tutorial

Prepare yourself for the next level

; Lasagna



; Counting

Learn how to count.
This video was posted in 2006.

View on YouTube

; "Live Services"

Jim continues his fight against the stupid decisions being made by the team behind Anthem.


; Commercial Break

And now a word from our sponsors.

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; AudioScreens

Techmoan takes a look at some VU Meters

90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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