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Created : 17 October 2019
Edited : 17 October 2019

#437 - Everyday News

Weekly Newsletter

; Everyday News

#437 - Thursday 17th October, 2019

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Every Thursday, Watching as the entire tube of Pringles mysteriously vanishes before my very eyes.


; Hello World

I'm wondering what to do about Tubage on the site.
Both me and Steve have a habit of dumping tons of YouTube videos onto the site, but fairly frequently the "topics" go unreplied.
The number of threads continues to increase, and the Tubage section looks really odd as a result.
It's like "here's a section of the site with barely any replies at all!"

Meanwhile, the sidebar's cluttered up with silent thread that are just a pile of links to YouTube.

But what to do?
If I remove the Tubage section from the sidebar, then .. what point would there be of having it? EVERYTHING goes through the sidebar, or at least for me it does. I barely ever click into the actual forum's front page.

And if I turn the section into some kind of Jukebox, then what would happen to the comments? How would those work?

I hate having to come up with these kinds of things!!!

Any suggestions? Pop them below!


; Word Wrap

Hobo posts a simple Word Wrapping function, written in Go.
If I'm honest, my brain isn't in the right gear for that, and I'm finding bits of the syntax a little baffling.
Having reread it a few times, today, I think I'm click with most of it.
But I'm not liking that underscore next to the for! That looks really really odd!

; SinePath

Spinal shows off the result of last week's SineWave experiments.
A gorgeous looking wavering hillside, and a little car racing over the top.


; Word of the Week

The new SoCoder Feature got a couple of posts, for last week's "Bottom".
A story, a pixelart, and a game we're all created for first week's word.

This week's word is "Clever", and I don't think it's as obvious as it looks, because the topic's been eerily silent.
If you can come up with anything Clever, feel free to post it!

I'm not sure if this is a popular feature or not.
Time will tell, I guess!
Let me know if you think it's a complete waste of bytes..


; RIP - Stephen Moore

The world stops to remember the life of the voice of the most paranoid of the androids.

; ArchiveDOS

WebArchive have added a huge bunch of classic DOS games, alongside an in-browser edition of DOSBox in which to play them!


; Dwarfing News

Is something happening in the world of Dwarf?
Sure looks that way!!

Apparently something is going to be announced TODAY..!


; Foldapuz Plus Plus

Jay spent the entirety of Monday rewriting the front page of the Foldapuz site, but isn't quite sure it's exactly what he wanted.
More work to be done.
Still, at least you can now finally get to the "single page puzzles" that have been part of the engine since day one, but that he never bothered to add links to!!
Lazy Jay..
Incidentally, Foldapuz just reached its 52nd game.

; Foppy Goes Driving

Foppy does what Foppy does best.
Making amazing looking retro styled racers using lovely silky smooth engines.

View on YouTube


; Haircut

View on YouTube

; Cookery Cats


; Cookery Greg


; Cookery Soup


; ProtoChoonage

GameHut Guy gets the OK to play some Proto Music from Sonic3D


; Keyboards

Andrew and Grant take a look at a bunch of MIDI keyboards

View on YouTube

; Finding a Bargain

Which supermarket is cheaper? And do you really need those Green Shield Stamps?


; Gregg Delight


View on YouTube

; Congratulations

Mike gets pregnant

; Slow Motion Willy Footage


; Michael Sheen

A wonderful, but lengthy, RHLSTP

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube




VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube



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Thursday, 17 October 2019, 10:19
LOL @ Boris Johnson video. He is a nob!

Great to see Foppy's latest development.